Apr 30, 2015

Lie Down with Lions by Ken Follet

Lie Down with LionsLie Down with Lions by Ken Follett
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The book starts in Paris with Jane and Ellis as a couple. Jean-Pierre rushes to tell her that Ellis is a CIA spy moments before the Russian assassins he lead to Ellis arrive. Jane tells Ellis she never wants to see him again as he flees for his life.

Ellis returns to America. Jane marries Jean-Pierre and goes to Afghanistan with him, ostensible to provide medical aid to the Rebels. Jane discovers that Jean-Pierre is working for the KGB and warns the Rebels to change the convoy route, saving it from the ambush Jean-Pierre had planned. Ellis arrives with the convoy with the goal of uniting the Rebel Bands and supplying them with air to ground missals. When Ellis is wounded Jean-Pierre plans to kill Ellis with a lethal injection, but when Jean-Pierre realizes that Ellis plans to have all the Rebel Leaders meet in one place he changes he mind about killing Ellis and finds a way to contact his handler with the news.

Jane realizes what Jean-Pierre has done when Jean-Pierre doesn't return from a nearby village and tells Ellis, Ellis and the Rebels arrange to ambush the Russians. Ellis and Jane resume their affair and are away from the village making love when the Russians arrive to capture Ellis. Ellis, Jane and Baby Chantal flee Afghanistan on the Butter Trail. After enduring the hardship of the Butter Trail Jane is dismayed when they are captured by the Russians, but Ellis refuses to give up and they escape. Jane kills Jean-Pierre during the escape and once she and Ellis return to America they marry.

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Apr 26, 2015

Wicked Ways (Wicked #4)

Wicked Ways (Wicked #4)Wicked Ways by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

OK, most people don't automatically assume that just because they are angry with someone it's somehow their fault when the person drops dead so excuse me if I find Elizabeth's "fears" a tad neurotic. Once she gets over feeling guilty about all the deaths of those she ill wished, the book is much more interesting. She does have a gift for seeing things before they happen.

Elizabeth's cheating husband and the slut he is sleeping with die in a car accident. The police suspect foul play and Elizabeth is their number one suspect due to a woman matching her description being spotted at a hotel the cheaters were at. Elizabeth is distraught over the deaths, and continuously agonizes over the deaths of her boss (she now has the majority of her real estate clients), Officer Unfriendly (who gave her a ticket) and GoodGuy (who cut her off in traffic). Meanwhile her friends from the "Mom's Group" offer their support. Daughter Chloe is getting messages from a "Man" who says he loves her Mom, but has done bad things.

Meanwhile Ravinia s trying to track Elizabeth down for Catherine. She winds up hiring Private Investigator Rex Kingston and they eventually find Elizabeth. While Elizabeth doesn't take to Ravinia she is immediately attracted to Rex and when the police become hostile to her she hires Rex to prove her innocence. Before he can she receives letters from the stalker confessing to killing all those people to make Elizabeth's life better and insisting that they are fated to be together. Rex takes the letters to the authorities while Elizabeth goes to pick up Chloe, but they are abducted by Nadia (who is actually the "obsessed lover", Chloe was wrong about it being a man sending the messages). Chloe uses her abilities to contact Ravinia who is able to tell Rex that Nadia is the stalker. They go to Nadia's house and find her husband in the freezer. Chloe is able to get another message to Ravinia telling her where they are at and Ravinia and Rex rush to the rescue. Just as it looks as if Elizabeth and Nadia are both about to go over the cliff the wolf that followed Ravinia from Deception Bay shows up and takes Nadia over the cliff. Nadia's body is eventually found.

Elizabeth and Ravinia go to Deception Bay where Catherine reveals that Nadia (aka Lost Baby Girl) was the daughter of Mary's Father (Ravinia's Grandfather) and the Shaman's daughter. Catherine also reveals that when Thomas Durant returned to Deception Bay, they didn't know who he was and Mary slept with him. Sleeping with her own father and becoming pregnant by him is what drove Mary mad. Thomas Durant's was the bones buried in Mary's grave and that were dug up and burned on Echo Island in Something Wicked .
Ravinia sees the wolf again and Charlie leaves Canada headed for Elizabeth and her family.

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Apr 24, 2015

The Alloy of Law (Mistborn, #4)

The Alloy of Law (Mistborn, #4)The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed the Mistborn Trilogy, so I was looking forward to reading this but was disappointed. Really Sanderson interrupted writing The Stormlight Archive to write this??????? Huge disappointment. Most of my favorite characters from the trilogy are gone with no explanation as to what happened to them.

Three hundred years have gone by since Sazed took the power from Ruin and Preservation and remade the world. Sazed is still around and is now known as Harmony. Harmony is all about maintaining balance but will offer his aid to Wax when asked. Marsh is known as Ironeyes and is still around he will offer more direct aid to Wax than Harmony does. Waxillium Ladrian is obviously a descendent of Breeze and Allrianne. And this is hilariously funny Spook's street slang became known as High Imperial. Spook is also referred to as Lord Mistborn, and seems to have been the last Mistborn. More puzzling is the fact that Koloss and Kandra still exist.

Wax has returned from the Roughs to Elendel upon the "death" of his Uncle to assume the role of Head of the House of Ladrian. House Ladrian is broke and Wax needs to marry an heiress. Lord Harms offers his legitimate daughter Steris and Wax considers making the match (I really hope he doesn't marry Steris her half sister Marasi would be a much better match for him). His friend Wayne comes to town and tries to entice him into helping with the investigation into a gang of thieves known as The Vanishers. At first Wax hesitates to become involved as he feels he must put his duties to his house first but when a wedding party he is attending is attacked and a retired lawman shot in front of his eyes Wax joins Wayne in trying to stop the miscreants. Most of the thieves are killed in the confrontation but their leader escapes with Steris as hostage.

Wax identifies the leader as a former lawman Miles, who has unlimited healing ability. Wax, Wayne and Marasi work together to track him down and bring him to justice. A badly injured Wax realizes the Suite bankrolling The Vanishers is his Uncle Lord Edwarn Ladrian. He confronts Edwarn but is unable to capture or kill him in his injured state. Wax's sister Telsin and the other women Miles took hostage for Edwarn's breeding program are still in Edwarn's clutches although they were able to rescue Steris.

After Miles' execution Ironeyes approaches Marasi and gives her information to deliver to Wax that will help him bring Edwarn to justice.

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Apr 23, 2015

The Hero of Ages (Mistborn, #3)

The Hero of Ages (Mistborn, #3)The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Instead of taking the power for herself and saving Elend, Vin released Ruin into the world. Now Vin and her friends are working desperately to unravel The Lord Ruler's clues and stop Ruin.

TenSoon returns to the Kandra Homeland in hopes of convincing the First Generation that they must help Vin and that it is time for the Resolution. KanPaar from the Second Generation undermines TenSoon and has him imprisoned. TenSoon escapes and goes to find Vin, but winds up finding Sazed(in Urteau) instead. He tells Sazed that the First Generation Kandra are the Terris packmen that were with The Lord Ruler at The Well of Ascension. Sazed goes to the Kandra Homeland to speak with The First Generation. They reveal the fact that Ruin's body (the atium) is hidden in their homeland. In order to prevent Ruin from controlling them the majority of the Kandra remove "their blessings" and revert to mistwraiths. KanPaar and his followers attempt to take the atium to Ruin but Sazed stops them. Sazed calls for help and Vin sends Elend to the Kandra Homeland. Sazed reveals the secret of the atium and Elend realizes that those soldiers who fell sick to the mist sickness the longest can burn it so he has everyone who can burn atium ingest it and fight the Koloss that Ruin has sent against them. Ruin is furious when he discovers all the atium has been used.

Spook was sent to Urteau as a spy. While gathering information against Quellion (the ruler of Urteau) he falls for Quellion's sister Beldre. Quellion is executing anyone with noble blood but is saving Allomancers who agree to work for him. While viewing one of the executions of nobles Spook speaks to Beldre and Quellion spots him. He sends his Allomancers after Spook and Spook is stabbed. Spook awakes in a burning building with part of the sword that stabbed him still inside his body, he sees a vision of Kel (it's actually Ruin) telling him to go upstairs and drink the pewter he finds in the desk. To Spook's surprise he is able to burn the pewter and escapes the burning building. He becomes known as the "Survivor of the Fire" to the people of Urteau. When Breeze, Sazed and Allrianne arrive they realize diplomacy will fail and concoct a scheme with Spook to overthrow the city. Things get out of hand but Spook realizes that he is being controlled by Ruin because of the piece of metal inside him and pulls it out, he also pulls the metal out of Quellion. Spook becomes badly burned running through the fire at the ministry building in order to provide water to put the fires throughout the city out. Unable to burn pewter he is not expected to survive. But he rallies long enough to have a message sent to Vin and Elend telling them not to trust anyone with metal piercing their bodies.

Marsh (who is being controlled by Ruin) kills the messenger. When Vin tricks Ruin into believing the atium is at Luthadel he sends all his Steel Inquisitors after her. She defeats them all but Marsh. Marsh is fixing to kill her when he regains control for a brief moment and snatches the earring Vin always wears out of her ear. This allows Vin to burn the mist and recover. She becomes Preservation and fights Ruin to a stalemate.

Ruin turns his attention to Elend and has him killed. Once Elend is dead Vin has nothing left to live for and destroys Ruin. Sazed (The Hero of Ages) takes the Powers of Ruin and Preservation and remakes the world. He provides books for Spook who he heals and turns into a full Mistborn.

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Apr 17, 2015

Something Wicked (Wicked #3)

Something Wicked (Wicked #3)Something Wicked by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Savannah is acting as a surrogate for her sister Kristina & Hale St. Cloud. But Kristina isn't acting like herself and and at various times ask both her husband Hale and sister Savannah if they believe in sorcery.

Before taking maternity leave Savannah is hoping to wrap the Donatella case up, she has also been asked to investigate Mary's death by Catherine who wants the investigation kept on the DL. While Savannah heads to Portland to interview some Bancroft employees, Kristina goes to meet her lover "Good Time Charlie" aka Declan Jr (Mary told him he was Declan Bancroft's son) who attempts to kill her. Kristina is found still alive and taken to the hospital. Hale calls Savannah to tell her and she starts home from Portland only to be caught in a storm in the mountain pass when she goes into labor. When Hale finds out Savannah is wrecked on the side of the road and realizes that the emergency services are stretched thin he goes to rescue Savannah himself, and winds up delivering his son on the side of the road. Shortly after Hale, Savannah and Baby Declan get to the hospital Kristina dies.

Catherine is in the hospital after "falling" at Siren Song and Ravinia and Ophelia are there with her. Ravinia takes the chance to talk to Savannah. Catherine also starts opening up to Ravinia and gets her to help with digging up Mary's body and putting it in the grave with Mary's tombstone on it and removing the bones of Declan Jr's Father. When they dig up the grave they discover "the bones" are missing Catherine realizes Silas (Mary's son with Hale's Father) removed the bones and burned them on Echo Island after he gives Ravinia the adoption papers Catherine was looking for. Catherine also ask Ravinia to find her daughter Elizabeth and keep her safe when Ravinia leaves Siren Song. Ravinia seems to be accompanied on her journey by a mysterious Wolf.

Charlie captures Savannah and takes her to the Donatella house, and uses Savannah to lure Hale there. Hale calls and tells Detective Clausen Savannah is in trouble and Clausen says he will meet him at Bancroft Bluff. Clausen gets to the Donatella house before Hale and Charlie shots him, but Savannah manages to escape. While Charlie is pursuing Savannah a homeless man (Mickey) enters the Donatella house and starts building a fire. Shortly after that Hale arrives and then Charlie enters the house intent on killing Hale. Mickey manages to trip Charlie and he falls into the fire. Savannah enters the home and a badly burnt Charlie shoots at Savannah and Hale but hits Mickey before he escapes with the help of Hale's former nanny.

Really wished more questions were answered in the book, the secrets seemed to be doled out sparingly and there always seem to be new questions that need answers.

* I think Mickey/Silas/Wolf may have been the same person. And Mickey's fate is unknown. We know he was hit, but we do not know if he survived his wounds.

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Apr 14, 2015

Private Vegas (Private, #9)

Private Vegas (Private, #9)Private Vegas by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jack Morgan is hoping to get back together with his on again off again girlfriend Justine, so is dismayed to discover she is having a "relationship" with Cruz.

Tommy is still trying to take Private away from Jack and has the help of mobster Ray Noccia.

Rick is on trial for assaulting his former girlfriend, the evidence is stacked against him and it looks like he is going down when Jack discovers the main witness against Rick was actually paid by Tommy to set Rick up.

Hal Archer murdered his wife, but will the jury consider it was in self defense after learning that his wife was part of a ring of women who were schooled by Olsen to marry wealthy older men and then kill them for their money.

Khezir and Gozan (Sumerian diplomats with connections to the royal family) have been sexually abusing women and getting away with it due to diplomatic immunity. Now three women are dead and the authorities know Khezir and Gozan are responsible but fear of a diplomatic incident allows them to walk until "speeder" Lori plows her car into them ending the murderous duo once and for all.

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Apr 12, 2015

The Well of Ascension (Mistborn, #2)

The Well of Ascension (Mistborn, #2)The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Really getting tired of my favorite characters being killed off. In book one we lost the main character Kelsier. In book two we senselessly lose Dockson, Clubs and Tindwyl. And Breeze is left mentally shattered.

A year after Mistborn Elend is King. At Sazed's request Tindwyl comes to instruct Elend on how to behave in a more kingly manner. Alas her instruction is to late as the Assembly votes Elend out of office.

Three men are vying for the throne of Luthadel; Cett, Elend's father Straff and Penrod. Elend's former friend Jastes Lekal has a army of Koloss outside the gates further complicating matters. When Penrod wins the election Cett withdraws from Luthadel after being attacked by Vin, leaving Straff and Jastes' armies outside the gates. Fearing that Elend and Vin will be killed Sazed concocts a plan to get Elend and Vin to leave the doomed Luthadel, along with Spook and Allrianne (Cett's daughter and Breeze's girlfriend). Soon after they are out of the city Allrianne leaves the group in search of her Father. She hopes to convince him to return and help Luthadel.

When Elend's group encounter Jastes and his human officers following them Spook reveals that Sazed lied about the city being safe and used a ruse to get Elend and Vin to safety. Elend executes Jastes for leaving the Koloss behind to attack Luthadel, and Vin burns pewter in an attempt to arrive in Luthadel in time to help.

The attack on Luthadel is brutal. Sazed is using every bit of power he has stored to hold his gate. But when his stored power runs out his gate begins to fall, and then Vin arrives. The other gates have already fallen and the survivors are taking refuge in the Keeps. Vin finds a way to take control of the Koloss and saves Luthadel from their attack.

The next day Straff plans to attack a weakened Luthadel, but Vin attacks him first. Killing Straff and the majority of his Generals. Cett joins forces with Vin and Elend (who hasn't arrived at the city yet) is made Emperor. And exhausted Vin leaves Sazed in charge while she sleeps.

On the way back to Luthadel Elend and Spook discover refugees from Terris who reveal that the Inquisitors have attacked Terris and killed the Keepers, any survivors have been enslaved. Elend arrives in Luthadel just as Vin awakens. She reveals that the Well of Ascension is in the city and goes to Kredik Shaw to look for it with the survivors of the crew. Vin and Elend become separated from the others and find the Well of Ascension. The mist spirit that has been trying to communicate with them appears and mortally wounds Elend in an attempt to keep Vin from releasing the power in the Well. Vin is tempted to use the power to save Elend, but realizes he wouldn't want her to take the power for herself to save him so she releases it. Too late she realize that was a mistake and that she has freed a monster. The mist spirit reappears and shows Vin how to save Elend (who is now Mistborn and can burn pewter to heal).

Sazed who is heartbroken over the death of his lover Tindwyl, leaves Luthadel. He returns to the Conventical of Seran where he discovers that the rubbing he took of Kwaan's writings doesn't match the steel plate, and that the monster perverted the Terris faith in order to gain it's release.

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Apr 6, 2015

Silencing Eve (Eve Duncan, #18)

Silencing Eve (Eve Duncan, #18)Silencing Eve by Iris Johansen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As everyone races to find Eve the mastermind behind the scenes is gradually revealed. Kevin's Mother, Harriet, is every bit as EVIL as her son and ex-husband and is the one in control. Harriet knows the location of the nuclear bombs Kevin planted in Seattle, Washington and Chicago, Illinois and she plans to detonate them after she has the pleasure of watching Doane kill Zander.

Zander allows Doane to kidnap him in order to find Eve's location. In an attempt to prevent Harriet from prematurely detonating the devices Zander waits until the last possible moment to free himself and Eve. With impeccable timing Joe arrives in time to stab Doane in the back after he corners Zander and Eve on the cliffs.

Jane and her friends aren't so lucky when they corner Harriet. Harriet fatally wounds Mark Trevor, who dies in Jane's arms. Determined to kill Harriet for taking Trevor from her Jane tracks her down and kills her.

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Apr 4, 2015

Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf (Companions Codex, #3; Legend of Drizzt, #27)

Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf (Companions Codex, #3; Legend of Drizzt, #27)Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf by R.A. Salvatore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wulfgar and Regis make it out of the Underdark and join up with the survivors of Sundabar and make their way to Silverymoon where they are able to launch raids against their enemies and eventually rejoin their friends.

Jarlaxle provides the dwarves with the dragon sisters and other aid in their battles but insist he must remain anonymous. With the help of the elves and the dragons the dwarves break out of their fortresses and united send their enemies fleeing. All the dwarves unite as one behind King Bruenor who plans to lead a force to take back Gauntlgrym now that he has defeated Hartusk and the Warriors of Many-Arrows, totally destroying their strong hold, Dark Arrow Keep.

Tiago and Drizzt fight on dragons. Tiago's white dragon deserts him after Drizzt breaks the saddle girth and Tiago falls (levitates) to the earth. Doum'wielle who was left behind when the Drow fled back to the Underdark finds him and they unite on the surface.

Gromph Baenre (uses Drizzt with help from Kimmuriel) as a surrogate to perform his powerful enchantment to defeat Tsabrak's spell of darkness and bring light back to Faerun. Gromph makes plans to return to Menzoberranzan and usurp his sister Quenthel as Matron Mother of Menzoberranzan, in order to put his daughter on the throne.

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Apr 1, 2015

Wicked Lies (Wicked Series, #2)

Wicked Lies (Wicked Series, #2)Wicked Lies by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I found it rather slow going as it covered a lot of the same ground as the first book. Justice breaks out of the psychiatric hospital he was committed to, with the help of his Doctor (Zellman). Zellman wants to use Justice's escape as cover to kill his own wife and son.

This time Justice is after Laura (aka Lorelei) who left Siren Song as a young woman to go to nursing school. Laura is recently divorced from her Doctor husband and has just discovered she is pregnant with his child, which provided the catalyst for Justice's escape and newest rampage. Laura teams up with reporter Harrison Frost to capture Justice.

Laura lures Justice to the lighthouse where he plunges to his death.

Catherine visits her sister's island prison and finds Mary (the Mother of all the girls) dead. Catherine has being lying for years about Mary being dead, so it is doubtful she will go to the authorities. Catherine has no clue who killed her sister.

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