Mar 9, 2015

Wicked Game (Wicked series, #1)

Wicked Game (Wicked series, #1)Wicked Game by Lisa Jackson
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Twenty years ago when Jessie vanished Detective Sam McNally "Mac" was the only one who believed foul play was involved in her disappearance. Unfortunately he suspected one of the "boys" from her school whom he termed the Preppy Pricks of being involved and harassed them.

Now a body has been found on the grounds of St Elizabeth's high school and everyone believes the remains to be Jessie's. Her friends gather to discuss her disappearance and Renee (Hudson's twin sister) reveals that she plans to do a story on Jessie's disappearance and murder. When her investigation gets to close she is ran off the road and killed.

When the autopsy reveals that Jessie was pregnant at the time of her death the baby is believed to be Hudson's (her boyfriend at the time) but DNA testing reveals that Hudson's best friend Zeke was actually the baby's father. But neither boy was aware that Jessie was pregnant so Mac, doesn't believe that was the motive for her death.

Becca Sutcliff and Hudson reunite their high school romance, but someone is stalking Becca. DNA testing delivers another surprise Becca (who didn't even know she was adopted) is Jessie's sister. Digging into her past she learns she came from Siren Song (considered a cult by the locals) and that her birth Mother was Mary Durant. Her Aunt Catherine Rutledge refuses to admit her to Siren Song as she fears that will put her in further danger from Justice Turnbull (Mad Maddie's son) who is convinced that God sent him on a mission to wipe out the seed from Siren Song, before they can breed.

Justice was taken into custody after stabbing Mad Maddie, but he is already plotting his escape.

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