Mar 12, 2015

Taking Eve (Eve Duncan, #16)

Taking Eve (Eve Duncan, #16)Taking Eve by Iris Johansen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Doane (aka Relling) blames General John Tarther and Zander for the death of his son, Kevin, and has set out to get revenge. With the help of Blick he poisons Jane's dog Toby and prevents her from coming to visit Eve. Instead Jane take Toby to Summer Island where with the help of Margaret's special gift Toby is cured. Before Jane can leave the island she is shot.

Bonnie sends Ben Hudson to warn Eve, but when news of Jane's shooting reaches Eve she leaves the safety of the cabin to go to Jane's side. Doane kidnaps Eve and takes her to a remote cabin ostentatiously to reconstruct his son's skull. Eve learns that Kevin liked killing little girsl and that he was brought to trial for killing General Tarther's daughter, but that he was set free on a technicality. Unable to live with his daughter's murderer going free Tarther hired Zander to kill Kevin.

The closer to finishing the skull Eve gets the more danger she is in. Realizing that Doane plans to use her in his sick plot to punish Zander Eve escapes into the wilderness, but why does Doane think Zander will care if Eve is killed? Eve is left to wonder if Doane's parting words were a lie or if Zander is really the Father she never knew.

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