Mar 25, 2015

Mistborn: The Final Empire (Mistborn, #1)

Mistborn: The Final Empire (Mistborn, #1)Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson
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Kelsier (Kell) puts together a crew to overthrow the final empire and recruits a young girl, Vin to the cause. He explains that she is Mistborn (like he is) and teaches her to use her gifts.

Part of Vin's job is to pose as a young noblewoman (Valette), and attend balls where she can overhear gossip about the great houses and instigate a few rumors with the goal of turning the great houses against one another. Vin soon falls for the heir to house Venture (Elend). Elend is outraged at the nobles harsh treatment of the skaa and fancies himself a philosopher. He and some other young noblemen meet in secret discussing banned books and philosophy. When his former fiancee (Shan Elariel) tries to kill him, Vin uses her abilities to save Elend's life, risking her life and the entire operation even though moments before Elend had rejected her.

Yeden, becomes overconfident and attacks an outpost with the soldiers that were willing to follow him, the only survivors are the ones who refused to follow him and stayed behind in the caves. Kell and Vin use their Mistborn powers to get to the caves and lead the remaining soldiers to safety. Then they sneak them into the town and disperse them in small groups throughout the town.

Marsh infiltrates the Ministry, Kell and Vin find what they believe to be his body in a warehouse where they were supposed to meet.

Sazed reveals himself as a Keeper to Vin.

Renoux (who is being imitated by a kandra) and the conspirators that are with him including Spook are taken prisoner and are to be executed. Kell leads Dockson, Ham, Breeze, Clubs and Vin against the soldiers in an attempt to rescue them. Kell discovers it was a trap and fights an Inquisitor in the hopes of giving the others time to rescue the prisoners. Kell kills the Inquisitor but then the Lord Ruler appearing as a young man comes. Kell is slain becoming a martyr to the cause as he had planned, leaving his baffled crew to pick up the pieces of the rebellion. The kandra who was impersonating Renoux is now impersonating Kell.

Vin goes to kill the Lord Ruler, she is captured but Elend and Sazed come to her rescue. She sends them away and goes after the Lord Ruler again and this time she succeeds in killing him, with the help of Marsh. Leaving Elend to become King.

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