Mar 27, 2015

Hunting Eve (Eve Duncan, #17)

Hunting Eve (Eve Duncan, #17)Hunting Eve by Iris Johansen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It gets off to a slow start as she recaps most of the first book. Once she gets to the actual story it improves.

Everyone is desperately trying to find Eve. Jane starts dreaming of her and the dreams are so realistic that Jane draws the place where Eve is held captive. Jane, Caleb, Trevor, Margaret and Kendra use the sketch to find Eve.

Joe goes to Zander's home and Zander's assistant Stang, leads Joe to an injured Zander.

Zander finds Eve while she is on the run. At first he is going to use her as bait to capture Doane, but after talking with her he decides to let her go and gives her his vest and a spare knife. He tells her to go to the ghost town where he has left a phone and a gun. He then erases her trail and sets a false trail for Doane to follow but before he can kill Doane he falls into a mine shaft and is severely injured. Eve fears for Zander's safety and doubles back to help him. She finds him in the mine shaft but before she can help him she hears Doane coming, so she lets Doane see her and leads him away, giving Zander time to escape. Doane captures Eve again as a result. Zander calls Stang for help and once the doctor Stang brings treats Zander's broken wrist, Zander and Joe set out to rescue Eve.

Venable arrives at the Ghost town where Doane is hold up with Eve with a swat team. They start shooting at the saloon where Doane has Eve and before Zander and Joe can get to Eve the saloon explodes with no survivors.

Everyone is mourning Eve when Margaret wanders off to talk to a wolf pack that reveal Eve is still alive.

(I am guessing here but I believe it was Blick and his victim that was in the saloon)

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