Mar 10, 2015

Haunted (Hannah Smith, #3)

Haunted (Hannah Smith, #3)Haunted by Randy Wayne White
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I liked it much better than the second book in the series.

Hannah has been hired to stay at an old house that one of her relatives (Irene Jameson Cadence) used to live in. The first night they are there Birdy gets bit by a scorpion, they also meet some interesting characters; Theo Ivanhoff is pretending to be the archeologist assigned to the Battlefield but he is actually a treasure hunter who lives on a nearby snake farm; Carmelo is posing as a semi retarded tour guy to Belton Matas.  Belton wants Hannah's help looking for his missing son. And they all want a look at the Diary of Ben Summerlin, Hannah has.

When Hannah returns to the house alone to take some pictures she catches some teenagers in the house smoking a hallucinogenic they leave behind a terrified teenage girl. Hannah manages to get her out of the house but the terrified girl runs into the woods near the snake farm. Where she is killed by Theo's pet ape Oliver, before Hannah can get there. Belton is also injured by the ape. Theo captures Hannah and Belton and tries to force Hannah to tell him where her Uncle's Diary is. A mysterious stranger has removed it from Hannah's SUV. With the mysterious strangers help Hannah and Belton escape but they are pursued by Theo, Carmelo, Oliver and his mate Savvy. Hannah and Belton have to outrun the man killing apes or they will be eaten alive. And Belton isn't the sweet old man he pretended to be. With danger all around Hannah needs all the help she can get to survive.

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