Feb 14, 2015

The Racketeer

The RacketeerThe Racketeer by John Grisham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When an innocent man is sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit he plots to get even with the justice system that failed him.

When Federal Judge Raymond Fawcett is murdered Malcolm fingers his best friend, Quinn (who escaped from the minimum security jail they are incarcerated in) for the crime in order to get a pardon, as well as entry into Witness Protection where he is given a new face at taxpayer expense.

Malcolm now known as Max then hooks up with the woman he fell in love with in prison when she came to visit her brother. Posing as a filmmaker he approaches a former cell mate (Nathan) and convinces him to star in his documentary about how the DEA is killing people instead of arresting them. Once he gets Nathan Cooley aboard the private plane he chartered to supposedly take them to Miami, FL, he gets the unsuspecting Nathan drunk and drugs him. Drugs and a gun are placed in his luggage along with a fake passport in the name of Nathanial Coley, when the plane lands in Jamaica, Nathan is arrested. Desperate to get out of the Jamaican Jail he tells Max he has enough money to bribe his way out and that he will split it with Max if he will go back to Virginia and retrieve it. Max tells his girlfriend (Vanessa) where to find the gold and she gets it out of Nathan's house and her and Max split it up and hide it when he returns to the States. Vanessa then goes to the authorities and tells them her brother couldn't have possible murdered Judge Fawcett as he was in rehab at the time of the Judge's death.

Max then contacts them and offers to tell them who really killed Judge Fawcett and brokers a deal that also includes a pardon for Quinn and them getting to keep the gold.

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