Feb 20, 2015

My thoughts on the "After 'much prayer', doctor refuses to see 6-day-old baby because she has two moms" Incident

We have all read about bakers refusing to bake wedding cakes for same sex weddings, florist refusing to provide flowers, etc so I don't know why it's so shocking that a Doctor would choose to discriminate against a same sex couple raising a child. But it underlines why this sophistry of using "religious freedom" to discriminate has to end. What if an ER doctor, decided he couldn't treat a critically ill patient because the patients "lifestyle" or in this instance the "lifestyle" of the parents was counter to their religious beliefs. In a situation where every second counted this sort of discrimination could literally wind up costing someone their lives.

One also has to wonder why Dr. Vesna Roi choose such a humiliating and cruel way to deliver the news. Certainly Doctor  Roi had the chance at the time of the interview months before the baby was born to indicate that she would not feel comfortable as their child's doctor, why didn't she? Dr Roi, also had months to write a letter, asking the parents to find another pediatrician. At the very least she could have canceled the appointment instead of having a newborn and her parents make the trip to her office only to be told they were unwelcome.

One also has to question if she quizzes all the parents of the children under her care about their sex lives? Does she refuse to treat the children of unwed Mothers? Does she refuse to treat the children who are conceived in adultery?  How about the children who were conceived by rape/incest? What exactly made this baby girl "untouchable"?

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