Feb 17, 2015

Hope to Die: (Alex Cross #22)

Hope to Die: (Alex Cross 22)Hope to Die: by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In the sequel to Cross My Heart, Alex is determined to track down Mulch and rescue his family. After Bree's body is found, Alex's head injury makes him a lose cannon in the first part of the book forcing Captain Quintus to ask for Alex's badge and gun and suggest that Alex go to the hospital for treatment. Alex slips away and returns home where he discovers the body of a young man he believes to be Damon.

Alex and Ava go to investigate the Thierry Mulch who supposedly died as a young man, in the course of his investigation Alex meets former Detective Atticus Jones, who always believed that Thierry murdered his Father and faked his own death. Atticus's daughter Gloria (who just happens to be a big shot TV producer) helps Alex fake the first murder Thierry demanded for ransom.

Detective Aaliyah and John Sampson track down the neo-Nazi skinhead that killed the two people believed to be Bree and Damon. by the time they get there Mulch has burned the man alive and left his Rottweiler doped up in the barn. The Rottweiler attacks Aaliyah and Sampson pulls the dog off her and restrains him with a rope (kudos to Patterson for finding a way to save Aaliyah and the dog).

Alex decides his next stop should be Damon's school to see if he can discover who Damon took a ride home with and Ava decides to stay with Gloria and see if she can discover what happened to Thierry's Mother Lydia. In a stroke of luck for the Cross's one of Damon's classmates has a picture of Acadia on his cell phone and the FBI starts tracking her down. Meanwhile Detective Tess Aaliyah (hope we read more about her in future books) has tracked Alex down to let him know the body he found wasn't Bree's.

The discovery is made that the two killings Marcus Sunday wrote about in his book are tied to Thierry Mulch the first family killed was Lydia's new family and the second was the family of one of Mulch's classmates. Alex calls Marcus Sunday with the news and ask if he had ever heard of Thierry Mulch or Acadia. Sunday denies knowledge of either person.

Acadia fearing that Mulch/Sunday is tiring of her makes a run for it. Mulch catches up to her at her Mother's and proceeds to feed Acadia to the alligators but the police get there in time to stop him. Mulch/Sunday escapes and Alex is in hot pursuit. Alex finds his family and the Cross family put up a fight to defeat Mulch/Sunday, before he can carry out his plans to kill them.

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