Feb 5, 2015

Cross My Heart (Alex Cross, #21)

Cross My Heart (Alex Cross, #21)Cross My Heart by James Patterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Alex is working hard to discover who is behind the spa killings and kidnapping of a prostitute, while Bree is working to find out who kidnapped two small children. To their surprise the cases are connected in a bizarre way.

And all the while "the writer" and his girlfriend are stalking Alex's family. Alex is devastated when "the writer" kidnaps Bree, Damon, Ali, Janine and Nana Mama (Regina Hope) and sends a picture of their corpses after Sampson comes to Alex's door. Alex wanders into the slums of D.C. in hopes of being killed where he is rescued by Ava. After he is safely home Ava, Sampson and Ned Mahoney convince Alex there is reason to hope his family is alive.

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