Jan 11, 2015

Where There's Smoke

Where There's SmokeWhere There's Smoke by Jodi Picoult
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The short story seems unfinished. Serenity Jones' life falls apart when a military widow visits Serenity's psychic show. The widow is outraged that instead of the message of eternal love she was hoping for she discovered her husband was killed by friendly fire. Her husband, Lieutenant Jason Rycroft turns out to be a poltergeist who is very angry about being killed by friendly fire and communicates with Serenity by setting everything near her on fire. The audience views the show as anti-military and turns on Serenity, and her spirit guides desert her when she tells them to "get lost" in a fit of pique.

In an attempt to revive her show she reaches out to Senator McCoy when his son Henry goes missing. Unable to get a clear reading she claims the boy is alive and well. Then Lucinda (one of her spirit guides) gives Serenity a clue to the boy's whereabouts the bus station in Ocala, Florida before Desmond (the other spirit guide) tells her to shut up. The show moves to the bus station where the boy's body is fond stuffed in a locker.

Serenity's show is on the rocks and her house catches on fire.

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