Jan 16, 2015

Rage (Alex Delaware, #19)

Rage (Alex Delaware, #19)Rage by Jonathan Kellerman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Alex receives a phone call from a former patient who has just been released from prison. Rand wants to talk to Alex about a the death of the toddler he went to prison for killing. Before Alex can meet with him Rand is found dead. The prime suspect is the toddler's "Father", but then several things comes to light.

The other teenager (Troy) involved in the murder was killed in the Juvenile Detention Center he was sentenced to shortly after he was sentenced, after saying something about getting "rich" when he got out. His Mother was murdered shortly thereafter, the Mother of the toddler supposedly committed suicide and the teen who was suspected of killing Troy was murdered shortly after he got out of Juvie just like Rand was. It's beginning to look more and more like someone is trying to hide something about the toddler's death.

With few clues to go on Alex and Milo start to dig into the lives of the "religious" couple (Drew and Cherish) that were Troy and Rand's spiritual counselors and who gave Rand a place to stay after he was released from Juvenile Detention. Alex notes how much like a harem the house appears to be as the couple only foster teenage girls. And more and more things about Drew disturb Alex. Soon it is uncovered that Drew is getting the teenagers pregnant and then forcing them to abort. And when Alex realizes that the toddler's Father couldn't have Fathered her he wonders what would happen if Drew got a married woman pregnant who refused to abort...

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