Jan 28, 2015

Private Berlin (Private, #5)

Private Berlin (Private, #5)Private Berlin by James Patterson
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Chris Schneider an agent with Private Berlin disappears, thanks to a tracking chip Chris had implanted by Private they are able to track him to a slaughterhouse, where they discover rats have been feasting on his body along with the body of Ilse. Before they can process the slaughterhouse, it is blown up.

Determined to discover who killed Chris, his ex-fiancee (another Private agent) Mattie Engel starts investigating his past she discovers he was one of 6 orphans taken to Waisenhaus 44. Mattie attempts to track down the remaining orphans but someone is killing them before she can warn them. Finally she finds Ilona (Ilse's sister), who reveals that Ilse has spotted the man (Falk) who tortured the orphans and their Mothers at the slaughterhouse. When Ilse disappeared shortly after she told Ilona of seeing Falk (who has a new identity and no longer looks like himself Ilse recognized his voice) Ilona asked Chris to find Ilse, which lead to his death. Because Ilona is a drug addict the police at first refuse to believe her horror story but Mattie tracks down the only other orphan left alive (Gerhardt Krainer) and he corroborates Ilona's story.

Unfortunately before Falk can be tracked down and arrested he kidnaps Mattie's son. Mattie, Tom Burkhart (another Private agent) and Ilona will risk their lives to save him.

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