Jan 8, 2015

Pegasus by Danielle Steel

PegasusPegasus by Danielle Steel
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Alex and Nick have been best-friends from childhood. When Nick learns his Mother was Jewish and that he and his sons must flee Nazi Germany, Alex gives Nick the gift of two amazing Lipizzaners (Pegasus and Athene) so Nick and his sons Tobias and Lucas can join the circus in America. When Pegasus falls ill on the ship Nick begs him to live and tells him that their survival depends on him. Pegasus recovers and the Lipizzaners quickly become the stars of the circus. At first Nick and his family feel out of place in the circus but they soon make friends and Nick falls in love and marries.

In Germany things are not going well fearing his daughter Marianne will be in danger from the Nazi soldiers he bribes a Colonel to get papers for her so she can go to England and stay with family friends. She falls in love and marries but the young RAF pilot(Edmund)dies the day before their daughter Violet is born. Shortly after the death of her husband Marianne learns that her father Alex was killed by the Nazis. Alex had been helping Jews escape as well as sabotaging train tracks. Fearing Marianne's depression over the death of her husband (Edmund) and Father (Alex) her Mother in law sends her to London to stay with family where she meets American Arthur Garrison. She agrees to marry him after the War and moves to Virginia with her daughter Violet, where they live on a horse farm.

Nick uses the money he got from the sell of his family's Schloss to buy Pegasus Ranch in California and starts raising Lipizzaners. Tobias was killed during the war, but Lucas survived and married he has a son Alex who loves Lipizzaners, Alex travels to England to purchase one at an auction but is outbid by the lovely Nicky. They start talking and realize that Nicky's great grandfather Alex (She's Violet's daughter) gave Lucas' Grandfather Nick the Lipizzaners that allowed him to escape Germany. They return to the States but neither forgets the other and Nicky eventually brings the "new" Pegasus to Alex, in California.

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