Jan 28, 2015

Private Berlin (Private, #5)

Private Berlin (Private, #5)Private Berlin by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Chris Schneider an agent with Private Berlin disappears, thanks to a tracking chip Chris had implanted by Private they are able to track him to a slaughterhouse, where they discover rats have been feasting on his body along with the body of Ilse. Before they can process the slaughterhouse, it is blown up.

Determined to discover who killed Chris, his ex-fiancee (another Private agent) Mattie Engel starts investigating his past she discovers he was one of 6 orphans taken to Waisenhaus 44. Mattie attempts to track down the remaining orphans but someone is killing them before she can warn them. Finally she finds Ilona (Ilse's sister), who reveals that Ilse has spotted the man (Falk) who tortured the orphans and their Mothers at the slaughterhouse. When Ilse disappeared shortly after she told Ilona of seeing Falk (who has a new identity and no longer looks like himself Ilse recognized his voice) Ilona asked Chris to find Ilse, which lead to his death. Because Ilona is a drug addict the police at first refuse to believe her horror story but Mattie tracks down the only other orphan left alive (Gerhardt Krainer) and he corroborates Ilona's story.

Unfortunately before Falk can be tracked down and arrested he kidnaps Mattie's son. Mattie, Tom Burkhart (another Private agent) and Ilona will risk their lives to save him.

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Jan 23, 2015

Blood Magick (The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy, #3)

Blood Magick (The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy, #3)Blood Magick by Nora Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The final book in the series. Branna comes to realize that Finbar even though he bears Cabhan's mark is of the light and that it is her choice to love him or not. She chooses to give her love to him and they find a way to destroy the demon that lives in Cabhan and end him once and for all with the help of Sorcha's three.

Sorcha regrets the curse she put on Finbar and tells him that Daithi's blood runs in his veins and gives him Daithi's broach. At the end the mark of Cabhan is removed from Finbar's shoulder and replaced with the triquetra.

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Jan 21, 2015

Gone (Hannah Smith #1)

GoneGone by Randy Wayne White
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hannah is a strong funny woman who is coming into her own.

When a fishing client ask her to reopen her Uncle Jake's P.I business and find his missing niece, Hannah accepts with reservations. But the more she finds out about Olivia the closer she feels to her.

Olivia has been kidnapped by Ricky Meeks, a man who preys on rich women. When Hannah finds Olivia on Ricky's boat in a mangrove swamp she will have to risk her life to save Olivia from his clutches.

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Jan 18, 2015

Diary of a Radical Mermaid (Waterlilies, #2)

Diary of a Radical Mermaid (Waterlilies, #2)Diary of a Radical Mermaid by Deborah Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Quirky and fun, the perfect pick me up.

Juna Lee is under orders to convince Molly she is a Mermaid (Floater variety) and hook her up with Rhymer McEvers (a Mer Peacekeeper). Unfortunately Molly is harder to convince than Juna Lee anticipates, so she winds up kidnapping her. Which actually works out pretty well as Rhymer hears Molly's calls for help and it's love at first sight when he rescues her.

But Rhymers life is complicated he is trying to protect his three nieces from their Swimmer Father, Orion, who is supposedly trying to kill them. Their Mother Tara McEvers died attacking UniWorld. Orion was unable to save her but took her body before the UniWorld Scientist could dissect it. When Rhymer went to claim her body the goons at UniWorld tried to capture him, but he escaped. Now he is hiding out at Sainte's Point Island with his nieces. His best friend Jordan is helping him guard the girls. To keep Juna Lee safe, Jordan kidnapped Juna Lee and left Aphrodite to guard her at one of the Araiza's fancy resorts. Juna Lee is equally determined to protect Jordan so she expends lots of energy trying to escape, so when Charley the Tuna shows up she is more than happy to get on the boat with him, except it's not Charley. Held hostage by Orion, Juna Lee is used as bait to capture Jordan and Tula. Orion promises to release them if Rhymer will meet him alone at Echo Marsh.

Rhymer arrives at Echo Marsh for what he believes will be a fight to the death. But when Orion has the opportunity to kill Rhymer he doesn't and reveals he was just testing him to make sure that Rhymer will protect Orion's daughters from UniWorld. Molly and the girls show up but before Rhymer and Orion can reveal their understanding Juna Lee, Jordan, Tula and Aphrodite show up and Juna Lee shoots Orion. Orion is dying but his daughters who are healers manage to save his life. Rhymer, Molly and the girls go on the run from Uniworld.

Can't wait for the next book in this series.

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Jan 16, 2015

Rage (Alex Delaware, #19)

Rage (Alex Delaware, #19)Rage by Jonathan Kellerman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Alex receives a phone call from a former patient who has just been released from prison. Rand wants to talk to Alex about a the death of the toddler he went to prison for killing. Before Alex can meet with him Rand is found dead. The prime suspect is the toddler's "Father", but then several things comes to light.

The other teenager (Troy) involved in the murder was killed in the Juvenile Detention Center he was sentenced to shortly after he was sentenced, after saying something about getting "rich" when he got out. His Mother was murdered shortly thereafter, the Mother of the toddler supposedly committed suicide and the teen who was suspected of killing Troy was murdered shortly after he got out of Juvie just like Rand was. It's beginning to look more and more like someone is trying to hide something about the toddler's death.

With few clues to go on Alex and Milo start to dig into the lives of the "religious" couple (Drew and Cherish) that were Troy and Rand's spiritual counselors and who gave Rand a place to stay after he was released from Juvenile Detention. Alex notes how much like a harem the house appears to be as the couple only foster teenage girls. And more and more things about Drew disturb Alex. Soon it is uncovered that Drew is getting the teenagers pregnant and then forcing them to abort. And when Alex realizes that the toddler's Father couldn't have Fathered her he wonders what would happen if Drew got a married woman pregnant who refused to abort...

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Jan 11, 2015

Where There's Smoke

Where There's SmokeWhere There's Smoke by Jodi Picoult
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The short story seems unfinished. Serenity Jones' life falls apart when a military widow visits Serenity's psychic show. The widow is outraged that instead of the message of eternal love she was hoping for she discovered her husband was killed by friendly fire. Her husband, Lieutenant Jason Rycroft turns out to be a poltergeist who is very angry about being killed by friendly fire and communicates with Serenity by setting everything near her on fire. The audience views the show as anti-military and turns on Serenity, and her spirit guides desert her when she tells them to "get lost" in a fit of pique.

In an attempt to revive her show she reaches out to Senator McCoy when his son Henry goes missing. Unable to get a clear reading she claims the boy is alive and well. Then Lucinda (one of her spirit guides) gives Serenity a clue to the boy's whereabouts the bus station in Ocala, Florida before Desmond (the other spirit guide) tells her to shut up. The show moves to the bus station where the boy's body is fond stuffed in a locker.

Serenity's show is on the rocks and her house catches on fire.

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Deep Down (Jack Reacher, #16.5)

Deep Down (Jack Reacher, #16.5)Deep Down by Lee Child
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reacher goes undercover to discover which of 4 women are selling military secrets and discovers a deep cover Russian agent.

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The House of Silk: A Sherlock Holmes Novel by Anthony Horowitz

The House of Silk: A Sherlock Holmes NovelThe House of Silk: A Sherlock Holmes Novel by Anthony Horowitz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Horowitz did an excellent job of copying Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's style and delivering a Sherlock Holmes mystery.

The book begins with Edmund Carstairs seeking Holmes' aid. Carstairs is part owner of a gallery which sold some paintings to a wealthy American (Cornelius Stillman). Unfortunately the paintings were destroyed en-route during a train robbery. Carstairs found it necessary to travel to America to deal with the insurance involved in the loss of the paintings and the death of the security guard. While there he and Stillman hired a Pinkerton Agent (Bill McParland) to track down the Flat Cap Gang, which was lead by twin "brothers". During their attempted apprehension the older brother was killed and the younger Keelan O'Donaghue escaped. Shortly thereafter Stillman was murdered, presumably by Keelan and Carstairs left for England.

Carstairs fears that the man loitering outside his home and stalking his family is Keelan come to extract revenge on him. Holmes says at this point he can not help but shortly thereafter there is a break in and money and a necklace are taken at this point Homes picks up the trail. He uses his Irregulars to keep an eye on local pawn shops and when the "thief" pawns a necklace the Irregulars follow him to his boarding house and send for Homes. Now the story takes an odd twist. The Irregular who was left at the Boarding House looks terrified and ask the names of the men with Holmes. Shortly thereafter the boy (Ross) disappears. Holmes assumes the boy was terrified because he saw who murdered the "thief" but later discovers that was not the case. When they go into the boarding house they find the supposed thief murdered and the only thing in his room a cigar case bears the initials WP.

Discovering that Ross recently came to London after running away from the Chorley Grange School for Boys Holmes visits the school where one of the boys tells Holmes that Ross has a sister that works at the Bag of Nails in London. Unfortunately there are two Bags of Nails in London and Holmes and Watson get to the correct one to late. Ross is found dead after being brutally tortured. The only clues a white silk ribbon tied around his wrist (like one Holmes received in the mail) and his sisters fear that Holmes and Watson were from The House of Silk. With no idea what the House of Silk is or where it can be located Holmes turns to Mycroft for help. Mycroft makes inquiries but then tells Holmes that he has been warned off by his superiors and that he must stop investigating the House of Silk. If he fails to do so Mycroft will be unable to help him.

Holmes continues his investigation by taking an advertisement out in the paper and is lead into a trap. Jailed for the murder of Ross' sister things look bleak. Watson calls upon Mycroft who states again that he can not help, but does attempt to get Watson into see Holmes. Watson arrives at the jail to learn that Holmes is gravelly ill. Investigator Harriman doesn't believe Holmes is really ill and insist on accompanying Watson to the hospital ward, where Holmes has been locked inside a private room. When the door is open the room is found to be empty. Harriman jumps to the conclusion that when the retarded orderly left the door open to assist a patient Holmes hid in a coffin that was being carried out. They rush to intercept the coffin before it leaves the grounds but when they get to the coffin they discover the only thing in the coffin is the corpse which is suppose to be in there and no trace of Holmes can be found.

The Headmaster at Chorley Grange visit Watson and gives him a flyer he supposedly found under Ross' mattress advertising a Circus run by a Dr. Silk. When Watson makes contact with Holmes he tell him he has found the House of Silk, but Holmes knows that the Circus is merely another trap. They walk into the trap but before the assassins can finish off Holmes and Watson, Inspector Lestrade shows up with several policeman. The assassins are killed but one lives long enough to tell Holmes the House of Silk is holding a meeting that very night.

They rush to Chorley Grange where several prominent men including Inspector Harriman are caught in bed with young boys. Arrest are made and Holmes goes to the Carstairs where he reveals that Edmund was a member of the House of Silk and that his wife Catherine is in actual fact Keelan.

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Jan 8, 2015

Pegasus by Danielle Steel

PegasusPegasus by Danielle Steel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Alex and Nick have been best-friends from childhood. When Nick learns his Mother was Jewish and that he and his sons must flee Nazi Germany, Alex gives Nick the gift of two amazing Lipizzaners (Pegasus and Athene) so Nick and his sons Tobias and Lucas can join the circus in America. When Pegasus falls ill on the ship Nick begs him to live and tells him that their survival depends on him. Pegasus recovers and the Lipizzaners quickly become the stars of the circus. At first Nick and his family feel out of place in the circus but they soon make friends and Nick falls in love and marries.

In Germany things are not going well fearing his daughter Marianne will be in danger from the Nazi soldiers he bribes a Colonel to get papers for her so she can go to England and stay with family friends. She falls in love and marries but the young RAF pilot(Edmund)dies the day before their daughter Violet is born. Shortly after the death of her husband Marianne learns that her father Alex was killed by the Nazis. Alex had been helping Jews escape as well as sabotaging train tracks. Fearing Marianne's depression over the death of her husband (Edmund) and Father (Alex) her Mother in law sends her to London to stay with family where she meets American Arthur Garrison. She agrees to marry him after the War and moves to Virginia with her daughter Violet, where they live on a horse farm.

Nick uses the money he got from the sell of his family's Schloss to buy Pegasus Ranch in California and starts raising Lipizzaners. Tobias was killed during the war, but Lucas survived and married he has a son Alex who loves Lipizzaners, Alex travels to England to purchase one at an auction but is outbid by the lovely Nicky. They start talking and realize that Nicky's great grandfather Alex (She's Violet's daughter) gave Lucas' Grandfather Nick the Lipizzaners that allowed him to escape Germany. They return to the States but neither forgets the other and Nicky eventually brings the "new" Pegasus to Alex, in California.

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Jan 6, 2015

Blue Labyrinth (Pendergast, #14)

Blue Labyrinth (Pendergast, #14)Blue Labyrinth by Douglas Preston
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The book opens with Alban's body being dumped on Pendergast's doorstep. Determined to track down his son's killer and decipher the message the killer is sending him Pendergast is lured into a trap where he is poisoned with Hezekiah Pendergast's Elixir. The Detective assigned to the case, Angler unfortunately mistrust Pendergast and comes to the erroneous conclusion that Pendergast killed Alban. In Angler's enthusiasm to bring Pendergast to justice he walks into a trap that is sprung so smoothly that his disappearance isn't noticed by anyone other the D'Agosta

Meanwhile D'Agosta is investigating a murder at the Museum. He ask for Margo Green's help (Long time readers of the serious will remember her from earlier books)in identifying a skeleton which has been erroneously cataloged at the museum. The skeleton turns out to be Padgett's murdered wife who Padgett euthanized after she became a victim of Hezekiah's Elixir.

Alban set the plot to kill Pendergast in motion but after the death of his wife and unborn child he had a change of heart and tried to stop the plot he hatched with a man whose family was a victim of Hezekiah's Elixir.

With the two cases converging D'Agosta, Pendergast, Margo and Constance Greene (No relation to Margo) join forces. Constance ransacks the hidden laboratory of Dr. Enoch Leng (aka Antoine Pendergast) to find the cure for Hezekiah's Elixir. She and Margo will risk their lives to assemble the ingredients needed to save Pendergast life. And D'Agosta will lend his badge to save their lives and gain them the chance to administer the antidote to a dying Pendergast.

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