Dec 14, 2014

The Returned

The ReturnedThe Returned by Jason Mott
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This is the book the TV show Resurrection is based on and is much better than the TV show which diverges from the book in several important ways.

People are returning all over the place and the world is in an uproar about it. The Returned are easy to identify in the book unlike the TV show where they look just like everyone else. Eight year old Jacob shows up in China and at that point the Returned are still being returned to their families so he is sent back to Harold and Lucille Hargrave who are now in their seventies (much older and frailer than in the TV show).

The Wilson family also returns to Arcadia upsetting the town further. The entire Wilson family was murdered (before Jacob's death) and their murder was never solved. At first they seek sanctuary in the Church but as the Anti-Returned fraction of the town gets more vocal they disappear.

Eventually the President orders the Returned to stay in their homes under quarantine. The school in Arcadia is being turned into a "camp" and the Returned whose families do not want them are being housed their from all over the place. Eventually all the Returned are being sent to "camps" to be processed. Jacob and Harold wind up there when they are caught going out for a swim and Harold refuses to leave his son.

Agent Martin Bellamy befriends Harold and Jacob and sees that they and an elderly black woman suffering from dementia have a room together even as the school becomes overcrowded and space is at a premium. Harold figures out the woman is Martin's Mother.

Pastor Robert Peters (in his 50s) is notified that his teenage love 16 year old Elizabeth has Returned and is being held in Meridian, Mississippi. Eventually he leaves a note for his mousy wife whom he never loved as he loved Elizabeth and goes to Mississippi to seek Elizabeth out. They are reunited and he promises to get her out of the holding facility but like he did all those years ago he leaves her. Pastor Peters returns to his wife and eventually they decide to adopt children.

Fred angry that his wife, Mary, who died from breast cancer didn't return leads an Anti Returned group who frequently protest outside the "camp".

Lucille who is no longer allowed to visit her husband and son every day is feeling the effects of her isolation. She is overjoyed when she catches the Wilson girl stealing food in her kitchen and instructs her to bring her family to the house where she hides them from the authorities. Fred finds out and while Lucille is at the store the authorities bust in and take them.

Lucille comes to believe the Returned are being treated unfairly gets her husbands gun and goes to the "camp" to liberate her family. Jim Wilson is killed. Lucille, Harold, Jacob and the remaining Wilson's flee back to the Hargrave's home where Fred burns them out. Lucille is shot and killed, the Wilson's escape but the truck is found abandoned with no trace of the Wilson's around.

Harold rebuilds his house and like the other Returned, Jacob disappears.

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