Dec 10, 2014

Edge of Eternity (The Century Trilogy, #3)

Edge of Eternity (The Century Trilogy, #3)Edge of Eternity by Ken Follett
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This is the last book in the trilogy and it seemed a bit rushed. It also covers a lot of history 1961-2008, which I think would have been better presented if he had written additional books instead of trying to cover so much material in one book.

Cameron Dewar (Woody's son with Bella) is a Republican prick who can't forgive Evie Williams for preferring Jasper Murray when they were teens. Working in the Nixon White House he will use his position to ruin her acting career in the U.S. Cameron manages to escape from Watergate unscathed and goes to work for the CIA where he takes part in the Iran Contra Affair.

George Jakes the biracial son of Senator Greg Peshakov and Jacky Jakes he will face discrimination and work for Civil Rights. After graduating from law school he takes part in the Freedom Rides which cost him his cushy job in a prestigious law firm Greg had engineered for him, but earns him a place working for Attorney General Bobby Kennedy. He is devastated when JFK is assassinated. He urges Bobby Kennedy to run for the Senate and works on his Presidential Campaign. Bobby's assassination temporarily ends his career in politics and he goes to work for the prestigious law firm that rejected him after he took part in the Freedom Rides. When a former girlfriend (Maria Summers) who works in the State Department comes to him with information about President Nixon's wrong doing he funnels the insider information to Jasper Murray who is now a T.V. reporter. Eventually George Jakes runs for Congress and wins, when the same girlfriend brings him information about Regan he again takes the information to Jasper Murray (who is sleeping with George's ex-wife Verena Marquand). But Regan survives the scandal and Jasper Murry is fired. The only job he can find is in Eastern Europe where Communism is collapsing fast. For Congressman George Jakes and his family the election of President Barack Obama is the culmination of a lifetime of Civil Rights Work.

Dave Williams(Lloyd & Daisy's son) teams up with his German cousin Walli Franck and they become famous pop stars. Walli risked his life to escape from East Germany, to late he learns the reason his girlfriend Karolin didn't show up to escape with him was because she was pregnant with his daughter Alice. Unable to return to East Germany as he killed a Guard crashing through the barricade at the Wall he will be separated from his family for decades until the Wall comes down.

Tanya Dvorkin (Grigori Peshkov's granddaughter) is a Russian journalist who will risk her life to smuggle Vasili Yenkov's manuscripts out of Russia so they can be published under a pseudonym. They dream of escaping from Russia together and marrying.

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