Dec 27, 2014

Alice at Heart (Waterlilies, #1)

Alice at Heart (Waterlilies, #1)Alice at Heart by Deborah Smith
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A fanciful tale of "mermaids". Alice who has been raised by her Mother's kin has been treated as an oddity and despised by her kin since her birth. When she rescues a young girl from drowning her name makes the national news and her half-sisters who were told she died at birth come to find her. Lilith, Mara and Pearl Bonavendier invite her to come live with them on Sainte's Point Island, the Bonavendier family enclave. There Ali (Alice) discovers her mermaid origins.

Griffin is determined to find out what happened to his Mother (Undiline Bonavendier Randolph) and Father (Porter Randolph) who died at sea. When Ali falls in love with him she risk her life to find the answers he needs to heal. Ali's entrapment in the sunken boat spurs Griffin to embrace his merman abilities and call for his Mother's family (who he blamed for his parents death) to help in order to save the woman he loves.

The rift between the Randolphs and Bonavendier's will heal with the romance of Griffin and Ali

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