Nov 17, 2014

Robogenesis (Robopocalypse, #2)

Robogenesis (Robopocalypse, #2)Robogenesis by Daniel H. Wilson
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The New War ended with Archos R-14's death, but everything isn't as it seems. Archos never saw himself as our enemy but as our savior and he still lives, and he is still trying to help mankind survive.

Lark Iron Cloud died in Robopocalypse when he was attacked by a parasite. But after Archos' death he was able to wrest control of the parasite. He attempts to rejoin Grey Horse Army but as a parasite he is unwelcome. In fact Grey Horse Army lead by Hank Cotton (who is controlled by Arayt Shah) decides to purge everyone from their ranks who isn't a Native Osage, and make war on the modified, the surviving parasites, and the Freeborn. Lark Iron Cloud finds a home with the Freeborn.

Mathilda Perez (the modified girl who helped destroy Archos) with her "normal" brother, Nolan attempts to escape from New York City where the modified are being hunted by The Tribe lead by Felix (who is also controlled by Arayt Shah). They are betrayed by Thomas Scissorhands (who cut off his hand to hide the fact he is a modified). Nolan is captured by the Tribe and he believes that Mathilda is trapped in a burning building. Mathilda escapes and tries to find her brother who has been forced into Felix's army as a slave soldier, who must kill or die. Mathilda joins up with Nine Oh Two and rescues modified Gracie and her Mother. Gracie is able to tell Mathilda where Nolan is at and with Nine Oh Two's help Mathilda rescues Nolan and Sherman.

Cormac Wallace and Cherrah are attempting to make it back to Grey Horse when they are ambushed thanks to the timely arrival of Houdini (controlled by Archos) they survive. Cormac and Cherrah discover things have changed at Grey Horse once they arrive and even though Cherrah is pregnant and close to her due date they flee to join the refuges who are headed to the Freeborn City. Unfortunately the Freeborn plan to flee instead of staying and making a stand with the humans against the Tribe and Grey Horse Army who are attacking them. Nomura and Mikiko make a sacrifice in order to save the Freeborn and the Humans.

I am assuming there will be another book as this one ends with Archos and Arayt Shah fighting in the bowls of a destroyed Freeborn City.

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