Nov 11, 2014

Personal (Jack Reacher #19)

Personal (Jack Reacher, #19)Personal by Lee Child
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love em and leave em Reacher has no love interest in this book, which I found rather disappointing.

When a sniper takes a shot at the President of France in Paris the intelligence community comes to the conclusion that only 4 snipers were capable of the shot. The Israelis quickly ascertain their man had an alibi so the Russians, British and Americans each send an investigator. The Americans (meaning General Tom O'Day) choose Reacher for the job. Reacher is sent to Paris, where things go South when the Russian investigator who is standing next to him on the balcony is killed by the sniper. Reacher realizes the bullet was meant for him and only a timely gust of wind saved his life. The hunt is on for Kott and his partner, because Reacher also realizes that there is no way one man acting alone could have taken out the President of France.

Teamed up with Zoloft popping rookie Casey Nice he goes to London where Bennett (the British investigator) offers his aid. As the puzzle pieces fall in place Reacher realizes the President of France was never the target and the only one the sniper is gunning for is him. Determined to take out Kott and anyone who gets in his way Reacher does the unexpected and lives to confront the man who mastermind the elaborate scheme to raise his own falling star, and as Reacher tells him "He Never forgives and Never forgets"

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