Nov 23, 2014

Extraction (Pendergast, #12.5)

Extraction (Pendergast, #12.5)Extraction by Douglas Preston
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This extremely short story is about Diogenes and Aloisius' childhood in New Orleans. As the older brother Aloisius is appalled that Diogenes believes in the New Orleans version of the tooth fairy. In an attempt to teach his brother a lesson he hides in the yard of the "Tooth Fairy's" run down mansion and retrieves the tooth Diogenes leaves behind. At first he plans to place the tooth under Diogenes pillow, but then becomes disgusted with the entire affair and throws the tooth down a storm drain.

Diogenes becomes distraught when Aloisius tells him what he has done and shortly after that disappears. Their Uncle Everett who was babysitting the children while their parents are out of town goes to look for Diogenes. He comes back with a badly scared Diogenes who locks himself in his room, Everett writes a letter to Linnaeus (the children's Father) and disappears after leaving the housekeeper in charge of the children. When Linnaeus returns he and Aloisius go to the Tooth Fairy's mansion and break in, they discover the walls are covered with teeth but the Dufour Mansion is eerily empty, and Everett is never seen again.

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