Oct 1, 2014

Private Down Under aka Private Oz (Other Private Offices)

Private Down UnderPrivate Down Under by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fast paced thriller still annoyed that it took so long to come out in the States and that it came out under a different name.

Craig Gisto heads up the Private Offices in Australia. While he is close friends with the Deputy Commissioner of NSW Police and his wife (who just happens to be Justine's sister) he is a bit at odds with his cousin Mark who is on the force. Their rivalry leads to Private not being notified in a timely manner on some evidence but in the end they come through for each other.

First case literally arrives dead on their doorstep, when a young kidnap victim is killed outside their opening party. His Father is being blackmailed to smuggle drugs into the country. When his older son is also kidnapped by the Triads Private works with the police to get him back alive.

Second case a rock star thinks his manager is out to kill him and hires Private to find out. Turns out that it's the rock stars girlfriend that wants him dead and the manager winds up saving the rock stars life. In return the rock star pays off the managers gambling debts.

The third case involves a psycho on the lose torturing and murdering wealthy women and stuffing their "private parts" full of fake money. A stray hair on one of the bodies leads to the discover that the killer is a woman and when a man's body is found the trail leads back to his ex-girlfriend.

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