Sep 6, 2014

Triple by Ken Follett

TripleTriple by Ken Follett
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Al Cortone (American soldier), stopped off in England to find Nate Dickstein (British soldier) who saved his life in Italy (WWII). Dickstein had been captured by the Nazis and taken to a concentration camp so he isn't in the best shape. They go to a Sherry Party given by Professor Ashford of Oxford University where Nate is a student. Other guest include Rostov (Russian), Hassan (Palestinian) Ashford's wife Eila and their daughter Suza.

Years later Nate has immigrated to Israel where he works for Mossad. The Egyptians are getting nuclear weapons with the help of the Russians and the Israelis are determined to get their own nuclear weapons first but they need plutonium in order to do so. Nate is tasked with stealing plutonium in such a way that the Israelis will not be suspected when it is eventually missed. Unfortunately when he is in Luxemburg he is confronted by Hassan (who is working for the Egyptians) and his cover is blown. Rostov (who is KGB) is tasked with stopping Nate.

Meanwhile Nate has meet Suza and they have fallen deeply in love which leads Nate to make some serious mistakes. Not only do the Russians know his plans and have a plan to stop him, but Hassan is a double agent working for the Fedayeen who make plans to steal the plutonium themselves. Suza overhears her Father and Hassan talking about killing Nate and she pretends to work with them to find him in hopes of warning him. Nate believes her to be a Palestinian agent after he is told she is helping Hassan.

But the resourceful Suza convinces Rostov to warn Nate of Hassan's plans, supposedly so Rostov can then carry out his own plot. Forewarned that Hassan's Fedayeen have taken the ship he manages to take it from them but then gets a desperate message from Suza telling him Rostov plans to attack the ship. He instructs her to create a diversion and goes to rescue her while instructing his men to carry on to Israel with the plutonium.

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