Sep 13, 2014

The Third Twin

The Third TwinThe Third Twin by Ken Follett
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Jeannie Ferrami is researching the genetic components of criminality, by comparing identical twins who were raised apart. She has created a search engine that can comb databases and find twins. But then her world starts falling apart after her boss meets Steve (law student) who is one of the "twins" in her study. Steve had no idea he was a twin or that he was adopted. A call to his Mother confirms Steve is her biological son and that he was an only child so how can Dennis (convicted murderer) have the exact same DNA? Before she can find out Jeannie is fired from her job and Steve is accused of raping Jeannie's assistant Lisa.

Determined to solve the mystery Jeannie and Steve work together, and when Jeannie is attacked by someone who looks just like Steve they realize there is a third twin. Determined to discover the identity of "the rapist" Jeannie gets her Father to break into her office at the University she was fired from so she can see if the search of the FBI data base turned up another match. They discover Wayne Stattner a millionaire club owner who looks identical to Steve except for his dyed black hair. Obviously he isn't "the rapist" so there must be more then three men who share the same DNA. Soon she realizes that "cloned embryos" were placed inside eight women without their knowledge. She sets out to track down the remaining clones and discovers Harvey "the rapist" and her former boss' son.

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