Sep 19, 2014

Illusion (Chronicles of Nick, #5)

Illusion (Chronicles of Nick, #5)Illusion by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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OK, these books are kinda hard to follow because Ambrose keeps messing with the time line and now we are in an alternate reality.

Nick wakens to a new reality where he is not only without his powers he is a blond wimp named Nick Burdette, his Mother is married to Michael Burdette (known as Bubba in Nick Gautier's reality) and his former allies are now his enemies or perfectly normal thus not much help.

When Karma (sister of former friends Amanda and Tabitha) takes him to her house and he is attacked by Thorn he calls for Kody and somehow she is able to join him in the "alternate reality" she beats up Thorn but not realizing Karma and her sisters are enemies in this reality she sends Nick to the Cathedral with Amanda and Tabitha after she becomes trapped in Karma's house since she is a ghost. Ambrose killed her and her entire family in the future. Realizing to late that Amanda and Tabitha are enemies Nick gets away from them and runs to the Cathedral. They can't enter but they claim he is a thief and send a policeman in to bring him out. Before the policeman can Kody arrives with "alternate Savitar" (who has lost most of his powers since he had a bad day and killed a few to many Gods) and Michael Burdette, they take Nick to a nunnery but he is snatched by flying Monkeys sent by Acheron (in this reality Acheron was married to Artemis and the Ash and Simi that go to Nick's school are his grandchildren) who is concerned about his Grandchildren safety. He is moments away from killing Nick when his home is attacked and Simi is mortally wounded. Nick somehow manages to save her life, earning Acheron's gratitude and help. He sends his grandchildren to safety with Xirena (older sister of Simi) and takes Nick to Michael, Savitar and Kody. Unfortunately the forces that are coming for Nick are stronger and they are losing badly when Nick gets pulled into another reality.

Adrian is furious that Nick isn't doing a better job defending himself and protecting his Mother he gives him some good advice and tells him Caleb's true name so he can call him. Nick then regains consciousness in Kody's arms, he calls for Caleb and together Caleb and Kody restore Nick's powers. Nick defeats Thorn and with Kody's help is able to return to his reality in "spirit" form. He is joined shortly by Caleb and Simi but they have to break the bad news to him that because Kody is a ghost she can NEVER come back to their reality. When they are attacked he isn't much use in his spirit form when he hears alternate Nick screaming he rushes upstairs and finds him cowering in fear from a spider, when he goes to pick up the spider it turns into a beautiful woman who carts him off to another realm. It turns out to be one of his General's Livia and she is shortly joined by Xevikan. They return to Caleb's where they join the battle. Ameretat stabs alternate Nick and he starts to die (his soul goes back to his own reality where he is fine) Caleb quickly heals Nick's body after Nick's soul reenters it.

Nick refuses to imprison Livia and Xevikan after they helped him much to Caleb's disgust (Caleb hates Xevikan). Xevikan and Livia pledge their loyalty to Nick and Nick takes Xev (Xevikan) home with him, since Caleb will not allow him to say with him although Caleb lets Livia and Zavid stay with him.

Xev is overwhelmed by Cherise's kindness. Determined to repay Nick Xev goes to get Kody (something only a God could do). After she is reunited with Nick she realizes that Xev is the most dangerous ancient God of all time.

We also finally learn that Kody is the daughter of Styxx and Bethany.

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