Sep 18, 2014

Deception Point by Dan Brown

Deception PointDeception Point by Dan Brown
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Really what sort of POS justifies killing sled dogs as a matter of National Security?

The book begins with the U.S. Delta Force intercepting Canadian Geologist Charles Brophy and his sled dogs, they force him to transmit a message then force him and his dogs onto their helicopter only to throw them to their deaths.

We are then introduced to Rachael Sexton whose Father (Senator Sexton) is running for President while as a NRO analyst she works for the current President. They bicker over her job but her summons to the White House is a total surprise and she is flabbergasted when the President chooses to send her to the Milne Ice Shelf to verify an important NSA discovery. Rachael is one of the civilians sent to verify NSA's find the others are Norah Mangor, Mike Tolland, Corky and Ming. Everyone is amazed by the meteorite that contains fossils, but then things start going wrong. Ming notices that the water the meteorite came out of has saltwater life forms in it, throwing into doubt that the meteor was encased in solid freshwater ice, Delta force push him to his death. Norah, Mike Corky and Rachael make the same discovery and Norah insist on going out to verify her ice core data. Delta force attacks them and Norah is killed. Corky, Mike and Rachael escape onto the ice where they are picked up by a submarine. Rachael attempts to contact the President, but Marjorie Tench intercepts her call and Delta Force is sent after them yet again to prevent Rachael from telling the world that the "meteor" was inserted in the ice by someone.

Mike takes them to his ship where they find further evidence that the meteor isn't a meteor, but is a sea rock, they are again attacked by Delta Force but manage to fight off their attackers and get word to the President about the sham.

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