Aug 9, 2014

The Third Gate

The Third GateThe Third Gate by Lincoln Child
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hope to see Professor Jeremy Logan the enigmalogist featured in more books.

Porter Stone thinks he has found Narmer's tomb in the Sudd and hires Logan to investigate the curse that seems to be haunting the extradition. Also on board the floating research station is Jennifer Rush. Dr. Ethan Rush's lovely wife has psychic abilities after her near death experience the result of a traumatic traffic accident. When he hypnotizes her with the aid of drugs she speaks to the dead or as Logan theorizes she was dead to long and she is actually being possessed but by who? The possessor has to be someone of the same sex.

The tomb is discovered and holds great riches. The mummy (which was in the second chamber) is brought to the research station to be examined and Stone makes plans to open the third chamber. Jennifer is in a coma after her last hypnosis session. While Stone and a select group enter the third chamber a closer examination of the mummy at the station reveals it is a female most likely Narmer's wife, Niethotep. Jennifer awakens from her coma and sets the station on fire killing many people and Jeremy Logan barely escapes from the tomb alive.

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