Aug 6, 2014

The Stone Flower Garden

The Stone Flower GardenThe Stone Flower Garden by Deborah Smith
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Darl Union's family is full of secrets that they never speak of. When her Grandmother Swan brings Eli Wade's family to town at Matilda's request no one can imagine the heartbreak that will follow.

For the Wade family dirt poor but proud the opportunity Swan gives them working for her is a lifeline to a better life. Eli, Darl, Karen and Leon quickly become friends. Jasper Wade becomes foreman at Hardigree Marble and the Wade's are finally on the way to a middle class life. Eli is even promised a scholarship after his mathematical genius is discovered.

Then Swan's sister Clara returns and reveals dark family secrets that drive the Wade's away and fracture Swan's family for good. Realizing Clara will never allow the family to live respectfully, Swan silences her for good and makes Matilda and Darl her accomplices. Unfortunately the sheriff suspects Jasper Wade who pulls a gun rather then go in for questioning and is killed.

25 years later Darl is working as a lawyer to free death row inmates wrongfully accused when Eli Wade reenters her life. Darl will have to choose between the Grandmother she loves and revealing a past that haunts her in order to build a life with the man she loves.

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