Aug 31, 2014

The Perfect Hope (Inn Boonsboro, #3)

The Perfect Hope (Inn Boonsboro, #3)The Perfect Hope by Nora Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My absolute favorite of the trilogy.

Sparks fly between Ryder and Hope when they decide to give a relationship a chance, after Lizzy locks them in a guest room until they kiss.

Hope finally figures out that when Lizzy says Joseph William Ryder, she is telling her Billy's last name and not asking her about Ryder. It did take her long enough.

Ryder is Justine's (Ryder's Mother) maiden name. There is an old cemetery on the old Ryder Farm, when they visit the cemetery Ryder immediately goes to Billy's grave. That night he dreams of Billy's death. They tell Lizzy what they discovered and she is pleased, she says Billy can find her now.

Avery's new Restaurant and Tap house opens and after the grand opening Ryder ask Hope to marry him. And as he slips the ring on Hope's finger they see Billy and Lizzy together.

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