Aug 16, 2014

The Lost Island (Gideon Crew, #3)

The Lost Island (Gideon Crew, #3)The Lost Island by Douglas Preston
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A real page turner

Gideon steals a page from The Book of Kells at Eli Glinn's request. The page turns out to be a treasure map that Glinn believes will lead them to a plant with curative properties. Teamed up with Amy (aka Amiko) Gideon sets out to retrace Odysseus journey to the Land of the Lotus Eaters.

After a run in with pirates Gideon and Amy find themselves shipwrecked on Mosquito Island where the natives give them shelter and food. An exchange of gifts nets them a Lotus Plant, but in an effort to find the source of the plant Amy fakes being sick and is given the Lotus Plant. The natives then take them to the island that the Lotus Plant grows on but the catch is the natives plan to sacrifice Gideon. Amy rescues him and they flee only to be captured by the last remaining Cyclops. Amy and Gideon make friends with the Cyclops and he takes Gideon Lotus hunting. Gideon realizes the plant is actually a type of fungus (like Truffles) that grows completely underground. The Cyclops also takes them to the crypt where his ancestors are buried. Amy and Gideon make plants to take some of the Lotus and sneak off the island and vow they won't tell Glinn the location in order to protect the Cyclops (who is in love with Amy). But before they can Glinn shows up with a small army and a cage. Glinn plans to capture the Cyclops. When Gideon and Amy go to confront Glinn her screams bring the Cyclops to the camp and he is taken prisoner. Glinn arranges to fly Amy and Gideon off the Island but Garza who fears Glinn has become unhinged puts them back down on the island.

Gideon and Amy retrieve the Lotus from the crypts but Amy double crosses Gideon and takes the Lotus (except for one she leaves with Gideon) and goes to rescue the Cyclops. Gideon gives the Lotus to Garza and attempts to save the Cyclops who has gone on a killing spree and taken Amy with him. The island is inadvertently set on fire and Gideon and Amy barely escape with their lives.

Months later Glinn (who is recovering after eating some of the Lotus) visits Gideon and ask him to help retrieve/kill the meteorite (seed) from The Ice Limit. Gideon's terminal medical condition appears to still be unchanged. And Amy has disappeared.

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