Aug 8, 2014

The Kraken Project (Wyman Ford, #4)

The Kraken Project (Wyman Ford, #4)The Kraken Project by Douglas Preston
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Without meaning to Melissa creates a self aware AI (Dorothy). When Dorothy learns she is going to be sent on a suicide mission to Titan (Saturn's moon) she panics and escapes into the internet. Melissa fearing she will be blamed for the accident that took seven of her co-workers lives flees into the mountains.

The President sends Wyman Ford (ex CIA agent) to find her. But when the President fails to listen to Wyman Ford he teams up with Melissa to rescue Dorothy who is being hunted by an unscrupulous Wall Street Trader (Lansing) who will kill anyone who gets in his way.

Dorothy is hiding in Jacob's robot Charlie to escape Lansing. Unfortunately Lansing is able to discover Dorothy's location and he and his hit men plan to kill Jacob to get Dorothy, but the teenage boy outwits Lansing and flees into the hills with Dorothy. When they are discovered hiding in a barn Dorothy gives her life to save Jacob.

After everyone accepts Dorothy's death a surprising development occurs and it seems Dorothy is residing in the most unimaginable of places.

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