Aug 20, 2014

Sweet Hush

Sweet HushSweet Hush by Deborah Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hush has spent her life trying to survive first the death of her parents when she was a young teen, then having to fight to hold on to her family orchard and raise her baby brother. Through it all Davy was there to help, but when his "help" leads to an unwanted pregnancy he can't deal with the fact that Hush is less than pleased about giving up her dreams of college to marry him and raise a baby.

As Hush creates a successful business out of the apple orchard and raises Davis to be a successful young man Davy spends his time racing cars and discretely chasing women until one secret to many drives him to his death. But through it all Hush maintained appearances and Davis hero worships his Father.

At Harvard Davis secretly marries Eddie (the President's Daughter) and brings her home to The Hollow. Eddie's parents are none to please and send Nick to bring her home. But Nick soon falls under Hush's spell and she under his.

But the reporters won't stay away and soon they start to uncover the Family Secrets, Hush has worked so hard to keep. Will Hush lose her family or will the truth bring them closer together?

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