Aug 29, 2014

Storm Front (A Virgil Flower's Novel)

Storm FrontStorm Front by John Sandford
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book just made me really sad.

Elijah Jones is a respected archaeologist and minister until he smuggles an important artifact out of Israel and back to the Sates where he arranges to sale the stone to the highest bidder.

Virgil is hot on his trail and on the trail of the potential buyers. He is also busy trying to shut down Ma Nobles' (aka Frankie by Virgil after they become lovers) lumber scam and trying to stay out of her pants.

He manages to recover the stone and arrest Elijah after he is shot by one of the potential buyers, but Ma Nobles helps Elijah escape from the hospital, and the chase is on again, after Elijah steals the stone from Virgil.

Tal Zahavi kidnaps Ellen (Elijah's daughter) but after Virgil plasters Tal's face all over the TV releases her.

Meanwhile Elijah uses Ma Nobles as a decoy long enough to sell the stone. Virgil arrest Elijah just as he slips into a coma (Elijah is dying of cancer) and retrieves the stone from Ma Nobles.

After Elijah dies Ellen ask Virgil to take his ashes to Israel and place them in the grave prepared next to a family friend, and tells him that Elijah said the case wouldn't be closed until he did. Virgil goes to Israel and discovers the priceless artifact was actually part of the tombstone of the family friend.

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