Aug 11, 2014

Ready to Die (To Die, #5)

Ready to Die (To Die, #5)Ready to Die by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Sheriff Dan Grayson is shot Regan Pescoli and Selena Alvarez are determined to find the shooter before he harms Grayson again. When Judge Kathryn Samuels-Piquard is found dead the investigation turns to ex-cons with a beef with the Sheriff and the Judge. Pescoli zeroes in on ex-con Verdago who has disappeared to a cabin in the mountains. Unfortunately her first attempt to corner Verdago leads her to (Kathryn Samuels-Piquard's brother)Vincent Samuels' cabin, where the hermit is told of his sister's death at gun point to the glee of the media who make a big deal out of Pescoli's wild elk chase, so when she gets a lead to where Verdago may be holed up she goes in alone. Only to discover his girlfriend Carnival dead minutes before Verdago arrives at the cabin. Before Pescoli can arrest him acting Sheriff Brewster and Alvarez arrive. Brewster guns down Verdago supposedly to save Pescoli's life.

But Selena doesn't buy Verdago's guilt and thinks things worked out a little to neatly so with the help of a computer hacker she digs deeper and discovers that Brewster was having an affair with the Judge. Worried about Grayson's safety she heads to the hospital to make sure Brewster can't harm him.

Meanwhile Jeremy (Regan's son) calls begging Regan to meet him. Heidi (Brewster's daughter, Jeremy's girlfriend) found a sex tape and incriminating pictures on her Dad's computer. Regan heads to the Brewster cabin to arrest the acting sheriff. But before she can Heidi and Jeremy arrive and Brewster gets the drop on her forcing Jeremy to shoot him.

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