Aug 18, 2014

Private London (Other Private Offices)

Private London (Other Private Offices)Private London by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fast paced thriller. When Hannah is 13 years old she and her Mother are kidnapped her Father (Harlan) refuses to pay the ransom but hires Jack Morgan (who is working for another agency at the time) to rescue them. Hannah sees her mother raped and killed before Jack gets there. The young girl blames her Father for not paying the ransom.

7 years later Hannah is attending University in London. Dan Carter has been assigned to keep an eye on the young girl and he places his god-daughter Chloe at the school to keep tabs on her. Hannah, Chloe and Laura are at a bar parting. Chloe, who hasn't been drinking like the other girls begins to feel bad. She loses track of Hannah and Laura and when she goes to catch up with them she finds them being attacked. She goes to their rescue but is viciously clubbed down, Laura receives a scratch and Hannah is kidnapped.

Harlan fearing for his daughter's life and desperate not to make the same mistake agrees to pay the ransom. The first drop goes wrong when the police show up, but another drop is arranged. The kidnappers release Hannah but now Harlan is their prisoner, and due to his work the game has been greatly upped.

Meanwhile Dan's ex Kirsty is investigating murders where the ring finger is removed from the victims hand and organs are removed. Private offers her their services in unraveling the crimes.

Dan slowly realizes that Hannah and Laura were part of the kidnapping plot and that it was masterminded by their University Professor Annabelle Weston who has ties to Palestinian activist. The only question is will Private be able to save Harlan.

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