Aug 24, 2014

Mad River (Virgil Flowers, #6)

Mad River (Virgil Flowers, #6)Mad River by John Sandford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Dick Murphy's wife wants a divorce he decides that hiring local punk Jimmy Sharpe to get rid of her is the better option. In an effort to make it look like a robbery gone bad Jimmy takes along his girlfriend Becky (and promises her Mrs. O'Leary's diamond necklace) and his pal Tom.

After they kill Agatha Murphy (the O'Leary's daughter) they hastily leave the house without taking anything, when their car won't start they carjack a car, killing the car's owner. And they are off on a killing spree, with Virgil Flowers hot on their trail.

Jimmy is shot when they rob a bank, when Becky and Tom go to get medicine for Jimmy Tom rapes Becky and takes off on his on. He turns himself into Flowers and reveals that Murphy hired Jimmy to kill Agatha. Flowers starts looking into the allegation and finds enough circumstantial evidence to convince him of Murphy's guilt but without the testimony of Jimmy or Becky he doesn't have a strong enough case to put Murphy away.

Becky goes back to Jimmy and tries to nurse him back to health but the wound is infected and he is fading fast. Becky calls Flowers and arranges to meet him to turn herself and an unconscious Jimmy in. Flowers calls the local Sheriff (Duke) for back up. Duke sets up an ambush and Virgil Flowers doesn't find out about it in time to prevent the unarmed teens from being gunned down. He goes to the press with his allegations that the cops murdered the teens and becomes very unpopular in town.

The case against Murphy is dropped due to lack of evidence. Murphy disappears and Flowers suspects the O'Leary's killed him but decides to take Davenport's advice and not to look for proof.

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