Aug 26, 2014

Deserves To Die (To Die, #6)

Deserves To Die (To Die, #6)Deserves To Die by Lisa Jackson
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Grayson dies under mysterious circumstances (wonder if they will explore that in another book).

Anne-Marie is counting on Sheriff Grayson to help her escape from her husband (Calderone) who tried to kill her, he cut off her ring finger and left her for dead in a Louisianan Bayou. In New Orleans Calderone is a respected surgeon, and Anne-Marie is a known liar who spent time in a mental hospital. Anne-Marie has been on the run ever since. She was briefly involved with Cade (Grayson's brother) and Cade told her that Grayson was fair, so she headed to Grizzly Falls for help.

Women are turning up dead in Grizzly Falls with their ring fingers missing and the only clue is Anne-Marie's fingerprint.

Ryder a former boyfriend that can't forget Anne-Marie followed her to Grizzly Falls on behalf of her Father. When he tries to bring her back to New Orleans she outsmarts him and handcuffs him to his steering wheel. But before she can escape her husband shows up and holds her at gunpoint. Determined to save Anne-Marie, Ryder does the only thing he can do and runs Calderone down.

Regan and Santana finally tie the knot. Regan is expecting a baby.

The new Sheriff (Blackwater) seems to have a secret.

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