Jul 16, 2014

The Kiss by James Patterson (Witch & Wizard #4)

The Kiss (Witch & Wizard)The Kiss by James Patterson
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When the mysterious Heath shows up Wisty falls for hm in a BIG way. When they start combing their magic the power sends Wisty out of control, and leads to an argument with Whit.

Whit leaves with his friends to go rescue the children kidnapped by the Mountain King. Sasha falls to the Mountain Men's arrows and Whit lacks the power to heal him. Eventually they are captured but the mysterious Izbella intercedes she wants Whit to heal her nephew, the Mountain King's grandson. Whit saves the boy's life but the Mountain King has Whit, Ross and Janine feed to "his pets". Again Izbella intercedes to free them, but when they are overtaken by the Mountain Men and the snow leopards only Wisty and Heath's timely arrival save Janine and Whit. But Wisty learns a shocking thing about Heath, not only is Izbella his Mother, but his Father was the notorious "The One".

Meanwhile back in the city things have gotten much worse. Bloom has taken over the council and has imprisoned all practitioners of magic (including Whit & Wisty's parents) in a ghetto with a force field around it that prevents them from using magic. Whit and Wisty soon find themselves imprisoned, and discover their old nemesis Pearce is alive and serving as Bloom's right hand man.

Bloom has the practitioners of magic chained up and sent to the front lines of the battlefield when he confronts the King of the Mountain. The King of the Mountain uses mind control to take over Bloom and his "army". Wisty tries to use mind control to stop him but alone she isn't strong enough so she combines her powers with Heath. At first everything is going just as Wisty wants it. Bloom's army is freed from their chains and the King of the Mountain's army (the kidnapped children) is freed from the mind control he keeps them under. But then Heath takes over and tries to use mind control to have the "armies" kill the King of the Mountain. When Wisty stops him the King of the Mountain starts taunting Heath and Heath melts his face off revealing to Wisty that he is really Pearce. Wisty and Whit combine their powers to stop him but spare his life when his Mother, Izbella, pleads for it.

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