Jul 14, 2014

Private L.A. (Jack Morgan, #3) by James Patterson

Private L.A. (Jack Morgan, #3)Private L.A. by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fast paced thriller. Jack and Justine are off again, Tommy is still making trouble for his brother and with Carmine's help threatens to rig Tommy's murder trial to implicate Jack, unless Jack sells Private to them. Jack bluffs his way out.

Jack is hired to find Thom and Jennifer Harlow and their adopted children after the Hollywood celebrities mysteriously disappear from their ranch. The children are returned unharmed, and Private is fired after Jack starts digging into the couples finances. But Jack uncovers the dirty secret the couple is hiding and travels to Mexico to rescue them anyway. He then insist that the charity they funneled funds from be given a large share of the profits from their latest movie, that Miguel's Mother have access to her son and various other stipulation for his silence over the laws they broke.

When No Prisoners starts randomly killing people Jack is hired to track down the killers who officially do not exist. A spy that Jack and Del Rio knew in Afghanistan is able to shed light on their identity and the killers are tracked down and eliminated.

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