Jul 29, 2014

Private Games (Other Private Offices) by James Patterson

Private Games (Other Private Offices)Private Games by James Patterson
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Peter Knight (head of Private London) is horrified when his Mother's fiancee Sir Denton is murdered due to his involvement in the 2012 Olympic Games, by the mad man Cronus and his Furies. Vowing to find the killer he is at his wits end when the Nanny to his twins (whose Mother died giving them birth) departs without notice. It seems like a godsend when a young student arrives in the park where he has taken his children to play handing out fliers looking for work babysitting. After checking her glowing references his hires her on the spot.

Even though security is tightened at The Games, athletes, coaches and Olympic Organizers continue to die throughout The Games, Cronus seems to always be one step ahead. Fingerprints on an envelope finally link The Furies to 3 sisters wanted for war crimes. Then one of the original suspects is found walking around in a drugged state covered in excrement close to an abandoned factory, where police find two of The Furies dead. Cronus doesn't deal with mistakes well. But Cronus plays his trump card the remaining Fury is the new Nanny to Knight's children.

Knight is frantic when his children are kidnapped but a visit to his Mother gives him renewed hope. The gifts she gave the children had GPS tracking devices implanted in them. Before he can call for back up he learns his phone is bugged, and may have a tracking device implanted in it. He leaves his cell phone with the cabbie instructing him to take the phone to Hooligan and tell him the kids whereabouts are on the phone. He is able to ascertain the apartment the kids are being held in and goes to the apartment next door to use the phone and gain access to the balcony. When Lancer (former head of Olympic Security) opens the door Knight is surprised but comes to the conclusion that Cronus used the proximity of the apartments to hack Lancer's computer and the security systems for the games. Leaving Lancer to call for back up he goes to rescue his children to late he realizes his mistake.

Leaving The Fury to take care of Knight and the children Lancer goes to finish his mission. But a last minute reprieve enables Knight to bring Lancer down before he implements his plan to snuff out the Olympics for good.

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