Jul 20, 2014

Field of Prey (Lucas Davenport, #24)Field of Prey by John Sandford

Field of Prey (Lucas Davenport, #24)Field of Prey by John Sandford
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Two teenagers parking smell a really bad smell at the old deserted homestead, they are parking at. The boy tells a police officer friend the next day and the two go out to the homestead and discover the first body in the cistern. More bodies are soon discovered and the BCA is called in.

Bob Shaffer (who Lucas views as a clerk) is put in charge of the investigation, when he gets a possible lead instead of calling it in he tries to follow it on his own and winds up dead. Lucas is desperate to figure out what Bob found that lead to his being killed. Lucas is working closely with Catrin Mattsson on the case, but they aren't getting anywhere. A child insist that she saw Sprick (the mailman) walking in a ditch close to where Shaffer's body was found, but he has an alibi and Lucas is sure he isn't the killer. When the girl starts making things up in order to garner media attention her credibility is shot. Lucas takes Elle to interview the only known survivor of the "Black Hole Killer" and they discover that he had an accomplice. Meanwhile the O'Neill family is killed and the "Black Hole Killer" starts calling Catrin

When Del is shot in Texas apprehending the senior citizen gun runners/drug smugglers, he was staking out, Lucas immediately flies to Texas, to be with his friend. Catrin receives another phone call from the "Black Hole Killer" she calls Lucas to trace the call but since he is in Texas he doesn't answer. The Killer claims he has left another body at the "Black Hole", she alerts the police department and heads out her door when she is attacked by the Killer, and he takes her to his basement.  Lucas rushes back and puts the pieces together in time to rescue Catrin.

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