Jul 6, 2014

Charming Grace

Charming GraceCharming Grace by Deborah Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Simply CHARMING!!!!

Deborah Smith brings a rich array of characters to life and weaves romance and happy every afters amidst comic back drops.

When movie star turned director Stone Senterra arrives in Dahlonega, Georgia to make the movie of GBI Agent Harp Vance's life and death Grace is determined to stop him, but then she falls hard for Stone's ex-con bodyguard.

Boone Noleene is determined to hang on to his job with Stone so his brother Armand will have a job when he gets out of prison. After their Mother died Armand did his best to take care of the younger Boone, and for years all they had was each other, Boone is determined to take care of Armand now. But falling for Grace could cost him his job with Stone. And then there is the job offer from Roarke, to design and build houses with him. Giving Boone a chance to fulfill his lifelong dream of being an architect.

When Grace finally succeeds in sabotaging the movie Stone fires Boone "for good" (Stone is constantly firing Boone and then hiring him back with a raise). Boone takes off for New Orleans after finding out that Armand was released earlier then planned and disappeared. Once he gets there he discovers that Armand has been kidnapped by some nasty characters who think Armand stole money from them while in prison. Boone's attempt to save Armand merely gets him kidnapped too and when Grace arrives they all wind up sharing a cell but then Stone arrives in a helicopter with long lost Dad and rescues Boone, Armand and Grace. A media circus ensues as the Noleene/Senterra family is reunited.

Stone talks with Grace about making an honest depiction of Harp's life and the resulting movie "Hero" wins an Oscar for Best Picture.

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