Jul 4, 2014

Born To Die

Born To DieBorn To Die by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dr. Acacia "Kacey" Lambert discovers she is the product of an affair her Mother had with a wealthy Doctor (Gerald Johnson), she also learns that her biological Father donated sperm and that his "daughters" are being killed off in suspicious "accidents".

Romantically involved with Trace O'Halleran the ex-husband of one of the "daughters" Kacey is determined to survive after she is targeted by the killer.

Alvarez and Pescoli are hot on the madman's trail but before they can apprehend Cameron Johnson he shows up at Trace's home. When Trace's son (Eli) goes missing Kacey is frantic to find him and is easy prey for her attacker. But when she awakens she is determined to save Trace and find Eli.

Minutes before Cameron fatally shoots Trace, Kacey kills him. Eli is found with a neighboring couple. The Mother (Leanna) who abandoned him showed up and took him to safety before coming back to kill Cameron, unfortunately Cameron gunned her down.

Cameron's death leaves Alvarez and Pescoli with more questions then answers. I see a sequel in the future.

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