Jun 8, 2014

The White Princess

The White Princess (The Cousins' War,  #5)The White Princess by Philippa Gregory
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This book is told from Elizabeth of York's point of view. Her lover King Richard III has just been killed by Henry VII when the book opens. It's suspected that Henry had the boys in the tower killed (one of whom was Elizabeth of York's brother Edward and the other was a peasant boy Queen Elizabeth Woodville substituted for Elizabeth of York's brother Richard). Parliament forces Henry to marry Elizabeth and unite the houses of York and Lancaster but Henry forces Elizabeth to submit to him before marriage to prove she isn't barren. The marriage only takes place after she becomes pregnant with Arthur.

Henry's Mother occupies the Queens apartments and the court is in a constant state of turmoil with Henry trusting no one other then his Mother and Uncle Jasper.

Elizabeth Woodville plots to put her surviving son Richard on the throne and funds a number of uprisings until she dies in the nunnery where Henry has her shut away.

When the boy is finally captured Henry threatens Elizabeth of York with never seeing her children again if she dares to recognize him. Surprisingly Henry brings the boy to court as his honored guest and is infatuated with the boy's wife Katherine Huntly. Eventually Henry comes up with several plots to kill the boy.

The book ends with both the boy and Teddy (Edward Plantagenet, 17th Earl of Warwick) being executed and Arthur being betrothed to Catherine of Aragon, whose parents insisted on their execution before a marriage could take place.

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