Jun 29, 2014

The Fire

The Fire (Witch & Wizard, #3)The Fire by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Easy to read which is perfect since I have a cold and don't feel like concentrating on something heavy.

When the story starts Wisteria is dying of the Blood Plague "The One" unleashed on the populace. Whit manages to carry her to safety and is eventually able to use his healing powers to heal her.

When they find out their parents are alive in the Shadowland Whit goes there to free them and Wisty goes to confront "The One". Wisty learns to use her powers in different ways but ultimately seems outmatched by "The One", she flees to The Shadowland with Byron. "The One" follows her and Whit, Wisty and Celia (Half-Light) kill him.

Whit and Wisty return home with their parents after Whit tearfully says goodby to Celia who crosses over to the other side.

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