Jun 7, 2014

Chosen to Die

Chosen To DieChosen To Die by Lisa Jackson
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It really bugs me when authors "forget" or change what happened in the previous book. In Left to Die the copycat killer who was after Jillian River was killed by Jillian in her hotel room, and was never seriously considered to be the Star Crossed Killer as there were several discrepancies in Jillian's attempted murder. Now the copycat is alive and being questioned (at least they didn't change the fact that it is a woman) in the murders until Regan's abduction comes to light.

Regan's boyfriend Nate Santana realizes that he is in love with Regan and vows to do whatever it takes to find her. When the Star Crossed Killer, kills billionaire Brady Long, Santana digs for a connection and comes up with William Liam Hicks (another stupidity on the authors part Liam is a nickname for William so it's a bit redundant and would have made more sense if his name had been William Kress Hicks), known as Billy Hicks around town and Liam Kress to his victims. Nate rushes to Billy's house only to find that Regan escaped and is being tracked by Billy. In a desperate maneuver to escape from Billy who is gaining on her she runs out into the frozen lake in the hopes the ice will crack under Billy's weight. Billy catches her but their combined weight cracks the ice and they go under. Nate manages to get to Regan in time to keep her from drowning, Billy's body is never found.

Meanwhile Padgett Long leaves the mental institution she was in saying she is "safe" now that her brother is dead. Padgett then strikes out for San Fransisco to find the son she was forced to give up. (Cahill House plays a role for those of you familiar with Jackson's books)

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