May 23, 2014

Stolen Prey

Stolen Prey (Lucas Davenport, #22)Stolen Prey by John Sandford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Typical Davenport novel.

It starts out with Lucas Davenport getting mugged by two meth addicts and breaking his wrist. He is rather preoccupied with finding them and sics Flowers on the case. In typical Flowers fashion he doesn't just find the two muggers he stumbles on a large scale magic mushroom ring.

Meanwhile Davenport is part of the investigation into the torture and brutal slaying of the Brooks family and their pets. Everyone agrees it is the work of a Mexican gang, but the question is why, what did they want from the Brooks family.

Lucas realizes Brooks was using his software company to laundry drug money and realizes someone (not the Brooks) must have stolen the money. He starts looking for the thieves. The Mexican government sends two agents (Rivera & Martinez) to work with him. Lucas figures out the identity of one of the thieves (Kline), but doesn't get anywhere when he questions him. After Lucas leaves the the three killers the gang sent to Minnesota  arrives at his apartment, but Kline manages to escape by fleeing into his bathroom and yelling for help.

Rivera uses his Mexican contacts to find the killers the gang sent and kills one of the killers and has the other two corned when Martinez shoots him in the back and tells the other two members of the gang to flee. She concocts a story for Lucas, that he initially buys.

Slowly Lucas figures out that Martinez is working with the gang and sets a trap for her but she escapes with the remaining killer. He then tells the media that Martinez recovered the laundered money that had been converted to gold.

The gang kills one of the thieves (Ivan), Sanderson and Albitis have a falling out and Sanderson hits Albitis over the head with a golf club. Albitis supposedly has lost her memory. Sanderson and Kline arrange for the police to find the majority of the gold so the Mexicans will no longer be looking for them and hide the remainder. They get away with stealing the money as Lucas has no way to prove they took it.

Martinez realizes "The Voice" will never believe she doesn't have the gold and decides to kill Lucas. She and Tres (the remaining killer) go to Davenport's home and think he is there because they see his SUV in the drive (he took his Porsche), Letty spots them before they enter the house and yells at her Mom to run with the baby and lock herself in the maids apartment. Letty heads for Lucas' bedroom and gets his gun out of the gun safe. She kills Tres who comes after her, and with a broken arm goes after Martinez who she also kills, saving her adopted family.

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