May 9, 2014

Cloak and Silence (The League, #5.5)

Cloak and Silence (The League, #6)Cloak and Silence by Sherrilyn Kenyon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I wasn't sure I would like this book since it is about two guys hooking up but since I liked both Ture and Maris from the previous book in the series I wanted to find out more about them.

Maris is determined not to fall for Ture as he is still "in love" with Darling, even though he knows Darling (who is heterosexual) will never return his feelings and in the past his boyfriends have been jealous over the special relationship he shares with Darling. But when Ture ask him to come to dinner at his restaurant it's an invitation Maris can't refuse. And he soon finds himself moving in with Ture and working at his restaurant. He also befriends Anachelle who Ture took in after her married boyfriend abandoned her. When she gives birth to Terek she list Maris as his Father on the birth certificate. The only thing that mars Maris' happiness is the price the League has put on his head. On the way to Ture's apartment with his bags he is attacked by League assassins including his brother Draygon, he manages to kill the other assassins, but can't bring himself to kill his own brother although Draygon has fatally stabbed him with a dagger. Ture knocks Draygon unconscious and calls Ture to tell him he loves him. Ture calls Darling and Darling tells him Maris will try to find a place to hide, Ture sets out to look for him while Darling traces the call and assembles forces to rescue Maris. Ture finds Maris and Darling arrives minutes later with reinforcements. When Maris realizes that Darling is in the ambulance with him instead of Ture he panics thinking that Ture is angry with him for telling Darling he loves him, especially as he has refused to say those words to Ture. Ture sent Darling because he was afraid someone would attack the injured Maris and he realized Darling was better able to defend him. Darling is having to deal with his own jealousy over the fact that his dying friend called Ture instead of him. When Maris comes to in his hospital room Ture explains why he sent Darling in the ambulance.

Later when Maris is well on the road to recovery, he persuades Ture to go back to work. Ture's brother (Bristol) shows up with League soldiers they kidnap Ture and kill Anachelle. Ture refuses to tell them where Maris is no matter how badly they torture him so they decide to kill Bristol if Ture won't give Maris up. Ture tells Bristol he loves him but that he loves Maris more and refuses to reveal Maris' whereabouts but at that moment Maris and his friends bust into Ture's cell, saving Bristol's life. The ungrateful Bristol attempts to shoot Maris but Ture kills him before he can. Outnumbered and unable to carry Ture due to his own injuries Maris instructs Hauk and Darling to take Ture and get on the ship, while he draws the League's fire. When he stumbles into one of the League soldiers he thinks he is dead until he realizes it is Safir(his youngest brother who helps him with information when he can) Safir tells Maris to use him as a hostage even though he knows he will be demoted and that their brother Kyr will severely beat him for it. Maris gets on the ship and they escape.

Maris and Ture agree to raise Terek as their own.

Looking forward to reading Hauk's story in Born of Fury.

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