May 8, 2014

Bound by Death

Bound By Death (Blood of the Gods, #2)Bound By Death by Marie Symeou
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jumps around a lot and is very confusing (some of which may be due to the fact I read it on my Kindle. Lady Eleanor FitzOsbern who is suppose to be the reincarnated Amaranthea, is very cruel.

Philip finds Polyxena being raped, he kills her rapist and cares for Polyxena and when the rape results in pregnancy marries her. She gives birth to identical twins but Melitta kidnaps one of the boys (Athos). Philip and Polyxena raise Thomas as their own and they are a happy family until one day when Philip and Thomas are fishing villagers burn Polyxena as a witch. They eventually go to England where Eleanor is married to Hugh against her will and in love with her step-daughter's husband Robert.

Melitta goes to Demar in hopes of freeing Scylla. Grannus calls to Philip for help and he goes to Demar. Melitta and Athos have stolen Grannus' harp. Philip gets the harp back, kills Melitta and reveals to Athos that she stole him from Polyxena and that he has a twin brother. Athos changes into a panther and flees.

Philip turns Lady Eleanor, she immediately kills her step-daughter who she is very jealous of. Eventually she kills her husband and plans to flee with Robert to the Holy Land. But before she can Philip kills Robert.

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