Apr 11, 2014

The Tenth Circle

The Tenth CircleThe Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Extremely chilling and very sad, but very well written.

Jason Underhill's life is ruined and eventually taken when Trixie Stone claims he raped her. When Jason breaks up with Trixie she is determined to get her former boyfriend back no matter what. She and her best friend Zephyr come up with a plan to make Jason jealous by Trixie coming on to every guy at the party Zephyr throws when her parents are out of town. Not really comfortable hooking up and giving blow jobs to every dick at the party Trixie goes to buy pot from Seth. Seth is out of pot and desperate to get rid of the kid at his door before Laura Stone (Trixie's Mother and his lover) gets out of the bathroom so he gives her Ketamine (a date rape drug). The plan seems to be working when Jason throws a punch at his best friend Moss when he takes a picture of her without a bra and refuses to erase it. Feeling sick Trixie rushes to the bathroom and Jason sticks around to check up on her when Zephyr and Moss go upstairs. Trixie kisses him and comes on to him and they wind up having sex. Then Trixie goes home and tells her Father (Daniel Stone) that she was raped. Daniel attempts to call Laura who is supposedly working late but is unable to get in touch with her.

Daniel takes Trixie to the hospital and the police are contacted. The town chooses to stand behind the High School Hockey Hero and Trixie is labeled a Slut and a Liar. When the picture Moss took surfaces Trixie attempts suicide. Laura finds her in time and she is taken to the hospital. Daniel kidnaps Jason and tortures him, afraid that no one will believe him Jason doesn't tell anyone. With her lies unraveling Trixie claims that she made stuff up because she couldn't remember things and she was afraid no one would believe her. Her blood is tested for drugs and Ketamine is found in her blood stream. Because of the Ketamine the charges against Jason are upgraded and he will be tried as a adult instead of a minor. He loses his scholarship and the town turns against him. Jason starts drinking and when he sees Trixie at a local grocery store slipping on ice. He stops her from falling and begs her to "tell the truth". Daniel seeing Jason with his daughter beats him up, when Jason runs off Daniel realizes that Trixie has disappeared. He calls Laura and they search for Trixie.

The next day they learn that Jason committed suicide. Eventually evidence comes to light showing Jason was pushed off the bridge, the police think Trixie did it and she runs away to Alaska, where her Father grew up. Trixie becomes romantically involved with Willie, before her parents arrive. When the police find Trixie and her parents in Alaska Laura reveals that she pushed Jason off the bridge after he confronted her about her daughter ruining his life.

This book is tragic on so many levels. Jason didn't really do anything wrong. He broke up with Trixie because he didn't want a serious relationship, he was honest with her. He really cared for her and according to him "the best part of being with Trixie was knowing she would have wanted to be with him even if he wasn't popular". Trixie refused to believe that she could find someone else and deliberately ruined Jason's life because he didn't want to be her boyfriend.

Was Trixie raped? She never told him "No" and at first she was into making out with him, it wasn't until he said that being friends with benefits was what he wanted that she changed her mind and because of the Ketamine in her system she was unable to say No. The Ketamine Trixie bought, and that Jason had no knowledge of.

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